7 Reasons why do people love Apple products?

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 [source] (http://www.iphonehacks.com/2017/02/pros-and-cons-of-buying-refurbished-apple-products.html)

Apple make products they love to use
This idea might appear odd to some people but the reality is Apple, as  a group of individuals, designs and makes products that they love to  use. Unlike other device makers, Apple follows a tightly focused  approach than a ‘something for everybody’ approach, which focuses on  quality and overall user experience. This also means that majority of  the product lines are targeted at high-end category. 

Apple’s products are fully-baked

The tech company is also atypical in their approach to product design as their products reflect. As someone says in a Quora post, ‘it has long been rumored that the iPad was in development, in some form, for years before it was announced. So much so that early models were thought unworthy of release and scrapped, though their technology would be reborn as the iPhone.’ This comes in sharp contrast with products that are released by tech companies even when they are not fully baked in terms of functionality and overall experience.

Apple’s products integrate well

Apple also makes sure each of their products integrates well in terms of both software and hardware. The specs and features of Apple devices may not be apt to do a whole lot of tasks; they however, do well at what they are meant to including specific set of tasks, while being consistent and handy.

Apple’s products delight customers

Customers of Apple love products as such as iPhone and MacBook because of design and aesthetics of both hardware and software. This is why people are willing to pay a premium for it. Apple on the other hand, continues to charm its customers with its incessant innovation in product design and functionality.

Apple lets their customers advertise

Apple customers flaunt their iDevices more than anything else and this is the best thing for Apple to have. The craze and excitement that Apple product launch manage to garner every year speak volumes about their products and why people buy them. Each and every Apple customer is a great advertiser himself of Apple products.

Apple’s strategy that always works

Everything that Apple does is thought through. From design to new feature to packaging, Apple does it differently. Above all, they strategise on everything they do and every decision they make. The company focuses on innovations of their R&D pipeline into single releases annually, rather than spreading them out over a few models. This is what gets them the craze and excitement that they want to see.

Apple’s experience is immersive

Apple provides insanely incredible customer experience. Right from buying products to using them to replacing defective products, Apple continues to pursue you to go for its products.Top-notch technology companies excel at saying no. This was the rule of legendary Steve Jobs, who liked to say that Apple said no to more good ideas than it said yes to. Apple only released products that according to them are perfect and charming. 

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