World Bank, World Economic Forum, Dev Banks, Climate Panels, Accused of Directly Causing Tens of Millions of Deaths


1,733 Breakthrough Clean Energy Technologies and Counting, Total Rejection by Dev Orgs and So called Dev Banks and Climate Institutions.

Small Private Innovators in 23 Countries with Novel Technologies across 21 Global Energy Events and financial events from 2.8 Years 2015-2017, Shunned, Unsupported, Blacklisted, Blocked, Not Invested in, Resisted, Rejected, and Ignored Totale.
From Geneva Convention Award Winners 15,16,17 Years ago, to the #1 Battery Technologies in History to this date still not invested in to commercialize the patents, to Best Project Winners, to Most likely to succeeds to Top 3 Finishers in 500 Startup Contests to Winners of Techstars Events, the best generators and motors and energy efficiency technologies around the world, but a total washout of investment support and any other forms of support from Governments and their agencies, VC's completely silent, so called Impact funds with a 100% ignore rate in the last 3 years, the scandal of all scandals unfolds.

320 Million people WIll be dead over the next 30 years by 2048
says World Health organization and Global Warming and Climate change related disasters and problems escalating beyond stress points. We are already past point of no return on the PPM CO2 levels, and PM2.5 levels have skyrocketed and are accellerating faster the cheaper oil and coal gets and as development and global GDP rises.

With Large Corporate and Energy Corporation bought Climate Change and pollution coverage posts rising, as well as twits, re-twits, fakebook pages at all time record, re-posts, groups, and more actors than ever before band wagon jumping for fame and likes, politicians jumping on, how is it possible that the innovators totale have been shunned and blocked out with near total completion in support and funding across every nation and spectrum on every level while we are at the heights of seeming global catastrophe alarms?

How could it be that censorship is still being done of them on the biggest medias, online medias like fakebook, their pages and accounts being shut down and being blocked, slanders appearing from fake accounts and never deleted despite communities of dozens of complaints and appeals?

Standing ovations in Low-Carbon cities, Accolades and awards in pitch contests from 500+ entrants in the contests, and refusal of funding at the end in favor of toys, gadgets, drones, smartwatches, virtual reality, apps, while outside is the most polluted days in human history and the faces of the crowd baffled like they don't know what the hell just happened.

Over 500 million of 650 Million population Southeast Asia with no secure access to electricity at all,
with complete and total inability due to this for them to ever be "banked" but instead of focusing on first priorities to solve this problem, funders and governments shun total the existing innovators in the market and their Hundreds, Thousands of Breakthroughs in favor of yet dozens more apps for expensive smartphones that these people can't afford, most don't have, and cant even get the electricity to charge, and often nor can their banks, factories, businesses, industries, and bosses in order for them to be able to have jobs.

So called Development banks (more like Un-development banks) restrict and kill all grassroots growth of these kinds of industries by requiring minimum loan sizes of 5 million plus minimum with at least 1.5 million in asset coverage
, completely eliminating by default and full decision on purpose any small grassroots companies and even possibility of anything happening unless its done by existing powerful very well capitalized companies and not the innovators nor startups. Decades of appeals have been deliberately blocked and zero options choices platforms solutions whatsoever have even ever been proposed by these institutions let alone what should have been done or what should be happening now.

World Bank, who it turns out doesn't even have solar panels on their buildings nor do they loan any money to SME let alone small business nor have any programs for it, has stood in raucous ovations at numerous events for many of these Innovators, yet has never even so much as answered a single email nor provided any help, services, namedrops, introduction or even a single acknowledgement to any of them to date.

World Economic Forum it turns out, isn't your "IMF nor UN nor NGO non profit nor Humanitarian Mission" It is just some guy's for-profit seminar business to sell incredibly high priced tickets to the elite
of the global business and corporate class. Several times they have seemingly "mistakenly" sponsored and invited the executives of these little World Changing Innovation companies just to block them access at the door later on despite continual appeals. Shockingly all of humanity is being led to believe that these people would be the ones to support these issues and it wouldn't even be possible that they wouldn't be received as heros of the world, and held on shoulder rides and showered with grants and funding beyond unicorn status instantly, but the facts of the reality are stark and frankly not even something seeming that you could ever believe. With absolutely zero programs for, recommendations, solutions, pipelines for investment support, nor anything aimed whatsoever at the small business and innovation stages of this kind of development, the World Economic Forum, and World Bank, are in blatant disregard for human life, and in fact directly contributing to the systemic eradication of tens of millions of human lives all around the world. Their answer? There isn't one, it's all blocked profiles and messages and contacts on all social media instantly, zero returned calls nor emails, and no responses whatsoever to appointment requests in any of their offices.

From Blogging attempts to Bill and Melinda Gates, Leonardo Dicaprio famous re-tweeter piler-on coat tail riding actor of climate change news, to Matt Damon same, to many others, to their VCs and foundations, the innovators have also been completely shunned and ignored totale by the hollywood and California crowds, with the only responses being "ONLY IN THE USA!!!"

How could it be that today with all that’s going on in renewables and the 200 billion dollar a year solar industry, that not even one single country in the entire known world, has their grids open and set up so that the Breakthrough Clean Energy Innovators can plug in their new energy inventions and get paid for their input electricity without new regulations, onerous applications, and with the minimum acceptable standards of total hands off Intellectual Property protections rights they of course deserve and must be there. Not one single country, not anywhere from asia to north america to europe to middle eat to oceania to africa, not one single country. The regulations are set up to steal and disseminate and hand their innovations to the largest corporates in the marketplace, and allow foreign access to the sensitive IP information that the most famous global IP thieves in all of human history, china, are just watching every day and waiting to steal. But it’s not just that the grids are completely closed and innovators can’t get paid for their energy, but they have to submit applications for consideration, giving up their IP rights and protections, and then the owners of the grid will decide how much profit they are making and pay them a reduced rate based on how much profit they make, thus reducing the potential payments and destroying any and all incentive to even do it in the first place.

The silence from “big perceived leadership” on these issues is like that at a cemetary at 3am. Only the chill of tens of millions of more dead every year can be heard, while they say and more importantly do, absolutely nothing.

But….then come the lies through their teeth, the defensiveness, and the marketing to cover it all up as if they are actually doing something, or nay, even perhaps to sew image that they are somehow leaders in the fight. Shhhh, just don’t tell anyone about those pesky innovators. A new era of something we are now coining as “Sustainable Corruption” Is being Led and fought for, and Championed by institutions like the World Bank, and the World Economic Forum. Protecting the corrupt and choice to be corrupt 1% and high economic value ticket buyers, and the new standard of “professionalism in corruption tolerance” which is the new behavior of so called “Progressive conservative action to not ever rock the boat nor allow any potential discomfort nor even addressing or facing the tough challenges and issues like perhaps, piles of corpses directly caused into the tens of millions a year by such total sellout of humanity choices.

One innovator mentioned to world bank reps that he was writing an article about “Sustainable Corruption” and offered to put solar panels on the world bank office for free, an institution which is supposed to be “Zero tolerance to corruption” and he was instantly blocked on all social medias and someone leaked to him by reliable sources with insider leaks that he was put immediately onto global blacklists and watch lists. Wow.

The Innovators report often that Nasa or other agencies check them out,from NSA to rocket companies and major aerospace and defense contractors and executive vetting companies, but that always the result is nowhere, snooping and no real quality engagement, with a feeling overall among all of them that they are trying to steal, assess potential damage control, and that they felt some forms of fear, possible reprisal, and like as if they were being interrogated not participated with in any kind of similar manner as investors in the VC space would be asking things. Always it is non followed up across all the dozens of innovators we have spoken to despite the innovators attempting to progress talks.

Al Gore, World famous for his endless self-glorification projects and tours around the world lying with hockey stick charts about the man made portion of solar caused climate change and contradicting himself in his videos, later to be dis-spelled by famous exposure documentary writers in “The Inconvenient lie” is known also for never showcasing, supporting, nor investing in a single Small Private Energy Innovator anywhere in the entire world let alone putting them up on stage to make sure they get the credit and support and investment if even a single dollar into commercializing their Breakthrough Energy Solutions, but no, he just continues to campaign around the world selling just himself by himself up on stage all alone talking problem while literally single innovators have 1,733 Solutions and go without funding from anyone.

Singapore, supposedly the most educated and tech savvy city in all of Chinas Version of Asia, their economic development board is so completely clueless to economic development and so totally insular that not only do they not have a single funding grant for these Innovators to commercialize their techs as a private entity with hands off IP by the well connected to conflict of interest business interest institutions, but they don’t have anything whatsoever outside their tiny city state country for any of those 500+ million people who have nearly no secure access to electricity at all, all around them in every direction. Their grids remain closed, and even solar penetration remains at one of the lowest rates in human history of a major city since the dawn of the solar age, and the average citizen speaks fluidly about the massive corruption at the central government level with singapore being the major refining state of all of Southeast Asia.

While liberals against Trump rally endless despicable lie campaigns against him as if he supposedly is taking any actions legislatively against clean energy, which only serves to distract from the real issues, the democrat party and green parties around the world have done absolutely nothing to change any of these facts mentioned in this article. And why?

As the rise of the greens and liberals moved onward, and the nationalists and conservatives who were rooted in oil and energy were such a rich and cashed up powerful energy holding opponent, the liberals began to say “We need to devise a way to get the money and the power that they have, and to take control of the big powerful corporate energy industry and income and control of the grids away from them, so that we can have it.” What ensued was not a campaign for energy freedom and support for clean energy industries at the small business and grassroots levels and development of power for the undeveloped nations, but no, the total opposite. Merely a power grab through carbon taxes and regulations that change Nuclear and oil and coal owned by the right, into huge corporate only anti-competitive and non supportive big wind and big solar by the left. At best there is a tiny bit less pollution, and less importing of foreign toxics, but in reality, they didn’t have any intention to free the people with clean energy nor to cause any kind of revolution in it’s development and proliferation, and today not only are they not supporting this development, but they are deliberately attacking it, controlling it, suppressing it, and as a result, killing tens of millions of people in full aware decision that they are doing so deliberately via their actions in such.

This “Silent Warfare” is an all new Holocaust deliberately perpetrated upon humanity in total corruption, greed, aim and lust for power and control, in all new levels of a guise to fool the public in slick advertising campaigns to win yet bigger and more corporate contracts and poliical support among the masses, matching with stifling regulations on the political right opponents to take over control of power grids and give them unprecedented business opportunities with huge wind and solar and so called clean coal and so called fusion research and so called climate research contracts to their backdoor dealmaking friends, lobby partner firms, side firms, allies and affiliates, and direct and at arms length business partners. One thing is glaringly common among all of it and all of them, the Small Private Innovators and their Breakthrough Technologies are nowhere to be found, not welcome, not supported, not invested in, and all the regulations and policies block them out completely. No one is looking for them, no one is talking about them, no one is funding them, but the tens of millions dead keep on piling, and these people talking about climate change, are never seen talking about them either.

The world is clearly not as we know it or think. Our benevolence as citizens and members of society is not shared by our people in power as we thought it was being, and as our world grows ever more toxified and the politicians talk only about supposedly a possible goal of a mere pathetic 25% mix of renewables in a mere handful of the ultra developed nations out of a massive count of 240 countries on earth, most will take 50-80 years to get to that point at current levels. However, the Small Private Innovators and their Breakthrough clean energy technologies could get us there in mere flashes of the time in comparison. But who is talking about them? Who is investing in them? No one. We surveyed over 40 Breakthrough Energy innovators with novel technologies we have personally witnessed physically over 23 nations of economic and financial and energy research and they have on average been fighting their battle for 15 years, and one thing stands starkly in common. Not one single dollar in funding to a single one of them by anyone but close friends and family. Not one single dollar.

The world is not as we think, corruption, self-worship, and materialism is at an all time high perhaps never before seen in human history, and the FBI in the United States has reported a number of years recently that corruption is on a rise like never seen before. It is time if we want our world to survive for the future generations, it is time that we all began to not only question and to demand support of those in the Small Private Energy Innovator Marketplace, but that we also all directly Invest in them with our own money and savings and all get involved in campaigning for them to be supported, grids to be opened to them as a minimum standard all around the world, and that all finance offerings be extended down from the 5 million dollar level into as low as $10,000 mandatory for development banks.

We owe it to all people, we owe it to our friends and families. What kind of world are we leaving behind as a legacy if we are not fighting for all those who are walking in Nikola Tesla’s and Jesus’ footsteps to free us from a world of oppressors and corruption? When kind of world are we leaving for the children if it’s all toxic and sick, and where they will live fewer years with less health than we did? What kind of world are we leaving when those fighters for our lives freedoms and futures sacrifice all in obscurity for us, and we abandon them and don’t support them nor invest in them, just for them to all die alone and poor just like Nikola Tesla did in the exact same way?

It’s time for the Change, It’s Time for the Future, support it now beginning by investing in one Small Private Innovator, sponsor of this report, Alpha Omega Energy, and in their Blockchain currency investment called AOECoin, which is listed on the Waves Platform or by contacting them directly.

We’ve got important things to do…like Save The Planet.
Alpha Omega Energy,
“We Changed The World!!”

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