Techno Sounds - can we build bridges between Russia and Ukraine with music?

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This is the question - I am concerned still, too many black and white news across the world that confuses nearly everyone. I hate war, I do not like what Putin is doing, killing people is totally shit no matter what the reason is behind all that (not mentioning NATO stuff), but i also have my doubts what the western world mainstream media makes out of it (and I work in that industry since over 20 years) - I also hate the way the Ukraine president wants his population to fight and also invite European fighters, he will not be the one to suffer but he drags his Ukrainian people into death as well, my opinion.

However - talk Music - talk Ukraine, talk Russia, have a small party

Is that even nearly possible these days? I doubt - I read news about famous Russian DJs that got bashed by the west as of their opinin, I read the same from the other side - I would love to have a gig of DJs from Russia and Ukraine NOW that builds bridges and show that the normal guys are not happy with this stupid war.

DJ Korolova

On one hand we have DJ Korolova that donated all her earnings to the Ukrainian army and charities helping people who are affected by Russia’s invasion, she is handling an emotional campaign right now, also using her Instagram account sharing happenings in the Ukraine. The headline of the following says se spins her desks to spread love against war - this is a good thing but also (not that I am a political guy) not really building bridges - where are these folks that join together and show the world this war is shit because Russians and Ukrainians love each other, the world population loves each other and we can overcome any dispute around the world?

I am not a major fan of Korolova, her music is ok-ish - fingers crossed the war will end soon and her gig, views and posts are not only a marketing stunt.


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