$STEEM & $SBD Experimental Indicator + conversion timing assistant [New!]

in technical-analysis •  2 years ago

I'm back with my most ambitious indicator yet :)
This combines my previous indicators and adds new features to help detect trend changes early.

When used with a 1hr timeframe (or modified yourself - see source) it can show you the 1 week average steem usd price that steemit uses internally !


View the chart above to see it in action, along with my updated trendlines for STEEM .

You can save the indicator to your tradingview favourites or examine the source here

You can fullscreen the indicator by double-clicking in the background for a better view, and you can click the little gear icon next to its name to customize it to your liking.

Hide SBD for a more detailed view of SteemUSD movements - colored according to SBD value

I've also added a bonus experiment I've been messing around with, shows up as a white line by default. I need more time with it, but it may show possible ideal trading times between Steem/SBD to not get bitten by the discount or premium.

I hope steemit finds this valuable , I will keep experimenting to try to find more useful visual tools to help make sense of this market :)
Please leave your feedback and/or feature requests. What would you like to see me make next ?

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This is too damn cool.
Bookmarked and now following.


This is awesome I got a good reward yesterday and I did not know what to do. I ran some numbers manually and spent lots of time with it. Your tool would have helped me.

Great stuff!


Thankyou for the feedback - I'm in the same sort of situation with the @steemleak funds, figured I wouldn't be the only one :)

This concept is really really cool. I am not seeing the settings icon though.. (gear box next to the name)


That's strange, gimme a moment and I'll make some screenshots to be sure we're on the same page - I didn't explains this very well in the article sorry. On it ...


It should be visible AFAIK without needing to be logged into tradingview


Sorry for the slow reply. I did another test following my chart link from a fresh pc and get the same result. You need to copy the chart (top right) to be able to modify settings - this will work even without a tradingview account :)


will have to take some time this week and try ur indicators, it's like watching a great steak and not eating it! :D


Cheers mate much appreciated , hopefully you find it useful :)
Congrats on your TA threads btw, they all seem to be doing really well