"Crimson Red" Apple Logo On Macbook Pro Inspired by "Crimson Red P.C.B." (Cyberpunk Fiction) by @stray

in tech •  9 months ago

Crimson Red Apple Glow

There has been a few nights were I seen the normal cool white light coming from the rear logo on my macbook pro. I much prefer what I have pictured above. Its easy, non permanent, and cheap solution to wishing you could swap out the color coming from your apple logo. Al I have used is a red water-based marker and a slightly see through apple sticker that usually comes packaged with any iphone. I colored the sticker before peeling it apart. This gave it time to let it dry and gave the color really go edges. The sticker I had was slightly larger than my illuminated apple logo on the macbook. I just centered it best I could and I'm happy with how it looks.


So this thing can use some cleaning. I haven't much had the chance to polish her up. I am running only linux on this. I felt like it need its only little bit of personality on the outside to match its insides.


Quick Question:???

I enjoy some tech reviews and all sorts of pc enthusiast videos when it comes to youtube. I also like see specs and benchmark results I can also scroll through. I didn't know if I was missing out on some great content providers here that do this type of stuff or if that market hadn't hit here on steemit yet. Let me know below if you know either way.

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