3 Founders Share Strategies For Navigating Bias And Building Confidence - [2021-10-05 Iftvgb]

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Telegram says it added 70M users while Facebook and WhatsApp were down: Manish Singh

Facebook’s hours-long outage on Monday may have hurt the company, its founder, shareholders, and many businesses that rely on the social juggernaut’s services. But for its instant messaging rivals, it was a very good day. Telegram founder and chief executive …

Apple launches new coding guide for elementary school students: Aisha Malik

Apple is rolling out several new resources for elementary school students, including a new ‘Everyone Can Code Early Learners’ activity guide. The new guide extends Apple’s curriculum resources from kindergarten to college. This latest rollout is part of the t…

The UAE aims to launch a probe to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter in 2028: Aria Alamalhodaei

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Space Agency will be sending a probe to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, with the aim of ultimately landing on an asteroid in the early 2030s, in a mission that will surely be a major boost for the country’s private s…

App agency Chop Dawg on helping startups build for the long term: Miranda Halpern

Chop Dawg describes itself as an app development agency, but these days that can mean helping startups build and scale software over many years. Founded in 2009 by Joshua Davidson when he was 16 years old, the Philadelphia-based company has worked on the laun…

Udemy files to go public on back of growing B2B incomes: Alex Wilhelm

If we only valued Udemy on its business revenues, at its final private-market valuation, it would be worth 4.5x its Q2 2021 ARR. That's incredibly cheap.

3 founders share strategies for navigating bias and building confidence: Walter Thompson

Entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups are more likely to face an uphill climb than their white, male counterparts, but their challenges stretch beyond systemic bias and lack of access to capital.

Co-streaming rolls out to all creators on Facebook Gaming: Lucas Matney

Co-streaming is rolling out to all users on Facebook’s game-streaming platform Facebook Gaming. The feature will allow users to team up and stream with one another, while enabling viewers to navigate between co-streams and choose which perspective they’d like…

Amazon is reportedly working on a smart fridge that tracks what's inside: Kris Holt

Amazon is reportedly aiming to bring some of the tech it uses at cashierless Amazon Go stores to a smart fridge that can monitor items and help order replacements if you're running low on something.

Here are the 23 companies pitching at Alchemist Accelerator's Demo Day XXVIII today: Greg Kumparak

It’s that time again! Today is the 28th Demo Day for Alchemist, an accelerator that primarily focuses on enterprise companies — or those that sell to other companies, primarily, rather than directly to consumers. This latest cohort comes in at 23 companies. L…

Lidar developer Ouster agrees to buy Sense Photonics as it takes aim at the auto industry: Aria Alamalhodaei

Ouster, a lidar company that went public this year via a SPAC merger, said it would acquire solid-state lidar startup Sense Photonics in an all-stock deal that was valued at around $68 million at close of markets on Monday. Once the acquisition is complete, O…

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