Correctly Known Mistakes

in tech •  16 days ago

I won't agree with the statement that the programming engineers are overpaid. There is a perspective that the IT industry is only walking in a park and paying a lot of money to people working in the IT industry. That's not completely true.

Correctly Known Mistakes ile ilgili görsel sonucuImage

There are a number of companies that have done a lot of work from program engineers and developers and pay very little. From the outside, the IT industry may seem like the only industry people pay for what they really do. This is not true.

I work as a software developer. I cannot say that I have received much less salary, but I would like to say that the salary I received or the salary in the same company for several years was only fair.

Correctly Known Mistakes ile ilgili görsel sonucuImage

There are a few exceptions that are overpayed because they continue to move from one offer to another for the sake of money. All these people are not very successful in their career. They may be financially strong, but technically they may not be as good as someone with a solid basement that has a lot of learning opportunities and a large number of skills in the IT industry.

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