POEM : Teardrops

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Teardrops are in water form
It can't be held it can't be torn
Some other people have it worn
Mostly found when they mourn

Teardrops at times can be shown
'Can also appear when you yawn
But some people wants to hide
Don't wanna show their lonely side

Teardrops in type are so many
Because of sadness or you're weary
Because of a thing that's so scary
Because of joy it fall freely

Teardrops can be a way of expression
When someone is under a big depression
Some people use it as communication
Can also be a sign of real connection

Teardrops mean you have your feelings
Showing your emotion is a very good thing
But these teardrops can also be given
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very nice and inspiring poetry.... God Bless to you


thanks so much 😍👍

semangat saya jadi bangkit melihat hal semacam ini


thanks for dropping by 😍👍

very good


thank you!!! 😍

Nice poem


salamat po 😘😍❤️

@Teardrops greets you.
We will mention you in our # 4 edition, do not miss it.

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thanks so much!!!! heypi hearts day

very nice poem dear.


thank you dear birju ❤️❤️❤️

nice poem:)


thank you @orhem 😊😍