Im Done Goodbye

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)


No more tears because i didnt lose you, you lost me. I’m done with that bullshit that tears me apart. I’m done with the tears that run down my face. I’m done with the silent screams that I can’t let out. I’m done with the shit you try to pull over on me. I’m done with the damn scars I leave after every damn fight Im done.

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:-( xx


Are you ok @sweetkathy??
If you need to talk I'm a good listener. Your not alone xx

¿Are you a little better now?

Almost. @teardrops thanks

Congratulations on your victory, I'm so sorry for his loss.
Success in your journey from here.

You have to learn what the lesson is ...or the teacher gives you the test again. :)
You'll be fine lol

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