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Hello guys!!! ☺

I was watching from several days that many people supporting sir @surpassinggoogle by their art or logo. I searched & found the reason that he is doing a great work for SMT (SMART MEDIA TOKEN). I also support him @surpassinggoogle for his great effort.

I also try a little art of teardrop... i am not a artist... i try sometimes to art a little... but this art is specially only for sir @surpassinggoogle


I just use a pencil, eraser & a tissue paper at the time of drawing


& Please cast your vote for @surpassinggoogle as a witness. you have to Visit at and type in "steemgigs" in the first search box.

To give him your witness voting decision, you have to visit at and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

Hope you like my art.☺
Do Upvote & Comment, if you like it.👍
Thank you for your time.✌


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I am so amazed because steemgigs has brought out a lot of hidden talents from a lot of steemians. Your drawing is not just great,but it shows compassion. Thanks we have our dear Terry who keeps on standing and keeping strong for all of us. No wonder if his supporters will be uncountable one day.

thanks a lot for your appreciation mam... ☺
& for sir @surpassinggoogle 's initiative work i'm trying to supporting him...☺

His drawing of tears is beautiful
Thank you very much for your support to witness steemgigs.

thank you sir for notice my art ☺ & it's my pleasure sir ... i'm happy for being part of this great work.😊