Tiredless Teardrops From A Mother's Eye...

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Photo is mine

It is really painful to see your child suffering from sickness mostly small children or babies...

In my previous post in #Teardrops about "A Mother's Teardrops Seeing Her Child Healed" please see link to read more about it https://steemit.com/teardrops/@sitiaishah/a-mother-s-teardrops-seeing-her-child-healed

I wrote about how glad I am to know that my Eight Month old baby girl was already cured from her sickness.

But then again after one day we went to her Pediatrician, she gets sick again until now. She has a runny nose, high fever and very dry cough because of phlegm.

I brought her again to clinic for consultation and was instructed to use the nebulizer. Luckily my eldest son's nebulizer still working, otherwise I have to buy a new one.

Google image

In medicine, a nebulizer or nebuliser is a drug delivery device used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. Nebulizers are commonly used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases or disorders.

Please see link to read nore about Nebulizer: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nebulizer

My baby has difficulties in breathing and vomits if coughing because of phlegm. Her cough must be cured to prevent it getting worst which will become Bronchopneumonia.

Bronchopneumonia is an acute or chronic inflammation of the lungs, in which the alveoli and / or interstitial are affected. Pneumonias are the most common cause of death among infectious diseases..

Please see link for more information about Bronchopneumonia: http://myhealth-guide.org/bronchopneumonia-causes-symptoms-treatment/41

My eldest son had Bronchopneumonia and admitted to the hospital four days when he was six month old that's why I want to avoid it to happen again to my youngest daughter.

For this month, we almost visits the hospital weekly because one month already she always sick... Sometimes I am really tired, not only emotionally but also financially.

It is breaking my heart every time I see my baby suffers and crying at the same time also breaks my pocket...

Photo is mine

But as a parent or a mother, I can't be tired and I can't give up for my children. The smile of my kids gives me strength to be strong for everything, and mostly thanks to God.

Photo credits: Google image and some photos are mine as stated above

I would like to thank @iwrite for mentoring me and for his patience.
I am very blessed and thankful to have him as my mentor.

Thanks and more power to Steemit Diversify Team!

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look in the eye of a child, it tells a story

@sitiaishah @aricheta #aricheta

seeing kids suffer from illness really breaks my heart even if they're not my own. prayers for the fast recovery of your baby sis.. be strong.. God bless you and your family..

get well soon baby.


Thanks po

That's the hardest part yong magkasakit ang mga anak natin.. Kung pwede nga lang saluhin natin para di sila nahihirapan.. Sana gumaling na agad ang baby mo sis..


Thanks sis

God will heal her. I wish i can help financially


Thank you so much

i also relate of your situation, got my son too, be strong for them, get well soon baby, god bless you.

Take care 😭

Prayers for her fast recovery Sis...we mothers cant stand it seeing our child suffering...it really breaks my heart...we have unconditional love for them... if we can only take away the pain and sickness and pass it on us we will do it for them...upvote for this...and follow you...sana gumaling na sya


Tks sis

hope she gets better


Thanks po ma'am Daisy..

Get well as soon as possible. Its really so painfull for a mother.

Assalam o alaikum.. @sitiaisha it's really so painful for you as a mother. May ALLAH bless her with good health soon .. AAmeen

#momina @momina


I hate to see kids in pains but I hope and pray that both of you will be happy to play together and your baby will grow stronger all the years of his life and also be a great personality in life, get well soon cute friend.


Thank you so mch!

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