OPEN letter for artists in steemit Art ,, i hope you like my painting that is very damaged and destroyed, this is for @surpassinggoogle and @teardrops. Thanks

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

tears are words the heart cant say.

i am just a new kid in my steemit just a month more in steemit what is my power towards you guys, you are my senior in steemit, i can only hope and keep erharap from good man and descend the god from sky stemit to bless me fly away wing wing which I have made,


I want to fly with my angel, I want my freedom to want a victory I want peace and I hope you all can take me flying with my angel.



mother is the only reason I am to survive, mother is is a very perfect gift, the love of a mother will never fade and disappear ,,
this is my reason for survival I have to struggle and continue to struggle to make my mother happy,
give me wings to fly my mother to the clouds of a beautiful cloud of beautiful clouds, give me the perfect wings to fly the wings to make my mother happy,


Thanks all of you who have come to my place and give me support. I really appreciate it all from you...

Thank very much


By post @rudikhairi

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:O bonito mensaje, me gusto tus dibujos :D @rudikhairi


I am the beginner in art

nice post kawan