I miss him

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He started struggling since he was 13. So young and when he was 17,he Impregnates a girl of his same age

And then I was just 7 year old. He never bhmake me suffer for a day cuz that time my parents broke up so he did the role of parent for me

The lady he impregnate gave birth to a baby girl and we named her kaosara

Months later my parents got hooked up back and I had to leave his house and go back to my parent all cos the house isn't his own. It's my grandmother house and he ,his girlfriend, grandma and I manage just 1 room. It was hectic life back then

He broke up with his girlfriend and the lady left the small baby of 6 months for grandma.

He was my uncle (my dad junior brother)
And he was so nice and unique man

He learn driving and traveled to Lagos.( A state in Nigeria) then started driving long vehicles for Coca Cola company and got promotion and he started better live

He got an apartment and planing for our traveling out of the country .. Just him and I

Uncle lookman was poisoned a day to the day I want to go and meet him and died untimely death

Who knows the cause of this one Drive. This injured me fatally. He was killed time he wanted to start enjoying his life
Wicked world!

I'm planning to help her only daughter whatever she wants to become in life so help me God

I remember my uncle everytime I need help cos hasn't been he's alive he is my mini god

Thanks for reading
Thanks to @supassinggoogle for this opportunity

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