I hate worst

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In my life I hate worsts. Not hate precisely,I just don't like seeing people feeling bad or being hurt!


I hate it when I see people in bad situations. I always wish to be helpful and Always sad whenever I can't help cos I know you can't be so daft or mentally okay to hurt yourself even if you are mentally okay and you hurt yourself there must be a reason why you did it to yourself

I closed at work one Friday evening and reach a very popular bus stop here in my country where there is so much population. Different people from diffrent states where there is many sales and many buys. I sat beside my boss inside his car, he drove. I could see everything going on in front of us through the wind screen of the car. Suddenly I saw a woman,not too old,maybe in her early 40s that started tearing her wears all by herself herse. She tore everything she wore as if she was tearing sheets of papers.my first time I ever witness such things in my life,I asked boss what happend and he replied "she just ran mard" it was like a film to me cos I've never experienced such accidents

My mood changed instantly,I wish I could perform a miracle to heal her and make her come back to her sence......She could be somebody's wife,somebody's mother,somebody's daughter ...... Who know the cause of this one drive. By now thousands of people would have seen her naked cos the moment she turned mad hundreds of people has saw her,in a country where mards are free to walk around where people Is. I know she got a lot on her head and got no one to help her and can't handle it anymore

She's in a worst situation I hate seeing people but I am sad I can't help her.

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