My Vision in Steemit and Steemgigs

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Steemit made me became a person In a short ran of three months I learned a lot of things physically and mentally motivated.Before I was a woman lacked of self confidence and self esteem eversince I failed myself in reaching my goal.Long time ago I was on the peak of my dreams but I was dragged and fall into the river,drowning me to many changes in all aspects in my life.That was all the many changes in my life.

After all those days while dancing with all the music in my life and handling all the heavy burden in my shoulders I merely found Steemit that changes my vision with a mission to go beyond my limitation. I never expect that this could happened to me.Now I appreciate the way how I love to write a story and take photography wherever I go.Then,the best ever happened when I learned and earned crypto currency unexpectedly.

On the other hand,the most wonderful things that I should be grateful in this platform when I knew different people around the globe.Those people who are willing to educate and inspired us are most likely generous and kind hearted people in different races and languages.But it never stop us to be united in one community.

From all of those above mentioned,now it became a little bit discouraging.I knew every body feel the same way as I do because of the slow down of all crypto currencies.Our earning was affected and there are some forecast that it will become lower to the lowest everyday.

  • My vision

Lately,when I read the articles of our dear mentor Mr.Terry Ajayi better known as @surpassinggoogle I was terrified by his words of wisdom.that goes beyond my blood stream.It gave me more positive outlooks and he really meant it because in my part he was there for me from the start.As I always said he dried up my tears and imaginary tokens will come and yes it came in a simple way.

He said "On steem everyone has a stake and we can make sure that steem succeed.It is that simple."
He added "In fact during the month when we reward pool went empty,I created more content.I created an incenntives to find out more about who I really am and define and redefine my definition to deelpy root it."
His words awaken me and once again I told myself I survived once again.

Definitely,even the value of steem and steem dollar became so low there is no days that I never had a post.I made one long post then one or two short post everyday.I never stop at all but frankly speaking it is almost to the point that I may stop and i am save by our dear mentor @surpassnggoogle.

He also saidIt is the time to concentrate on investing steem power.This is the time to explore facets of steem ecosystem."
"Dont always put money or lack of it in this way for there are bigger things than money."


Mr.Terry Ajayi encourage us to collaborate more on @steemgigs where everyone has to offer..He had also a discord server at that time call steem.lab with channel called steemdump and visit steem lab link.

  • My conclusion

From now on,I am enlightened and promise to dig more.Yes of course.I got a free education here. I could not pay an exact amount for that alone.The process of learning while earning is the best things happened in steemit.

So I conclude,even the value of steem and steem dollar will fall we still need to stand up and rise then "try tickling yourself and see if it isn't hard."

  • My mission

My simple mission for all my fellow steemian is to encourage you to go on our way in this platform.Let us help our mentors our fellow steemians our community to grow bigger and bigger..@surpassinggoogle gave us all his support and accepted our flaws being an untalented.This is the right time we give him back .We can do all things together through unity to fight the struggle of steem and steem dollars today.I hope we could make it through.

To our beloved @surpassinggoogle I thank you in behalf of our Filipino community,here I am extending my gratitude to you Sir.More power to you and good health.

Let us do and go together steeming...

That's all I can say for today.

I voted @steemgigs as my witness
And surpassinggoogle as my proxy.

Support @teardrops SMT tokens


My best community mentors;


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With #steemit and #steemgigs we are constantly learning, the good thing here is that learning is FREE.

Thanks for sharing your vision & mission mam @olivia08. God Bless us all.

Nice lovely mission to fulfill


Thank you for dropping by.
Yes we have to take responsible in a little things we can do .Soar high


Wow....keep it up

WOW! Ang galing mo Mrs. D.. Good job!


Mrs Dionesia? Shat up cin

I appreciate your mission and vision for steemgigs and of-course for steemit.


Thank you for your comment.It is our responsibility to keep on going not just for what we earn but the learnings base to.myself I learned a lot for free with the help of the community itself

This post is indeed a motivation to us... Thanks for uplifting my confidence


Yes before I have no idea eve i using the key pad and markdown.Only just this time in steemit with the help of some good community.I also earned eventhough i never win major contest. I improved myself in a little way patiently

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Thank you msp for supporting us

You had an awesome story there, I've got one too. I couldn't hide the joy that I had to write a post to thank those whose should I leaned on to be where I am.

I wish to thank @surpassinggoogle in person but I'm constrained. I wish this could do


He has a good heart so we must support him

Wala ako masabi nay Deevi! Superb!