My entry for @teardrops by @surpassinggoogle PROMOTING THE SMART MEDIA TOKEN

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first let me congratulate @surpassinggoogle on his success on @steemgigs and @teardrops.

it haven't been long since i become active on the steem blockchain, but the past few weeks i have read a lot of entry post from several steemians, promoting and showing their support for the @teardrops, @untalented and especially the just concluded @steemgigs by our own humble @surpassinggoogle
i saw he is doing a good job for the smart media token, i salute his humility


so i decided to do a little sketch entry for teardrops as my little support for @teardrops and promotion of the smart media token
i acknowledge that am not good in drawing though but i try my best to draw this little drawing for our humble @surpassinggoogle.

photo of the drawing process


please show your support for @surpassinggoogle and encourage him by voting him as witness and simply typing steemgigs in the first box
type "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as proxy.

many thanks to @surpassinggoogle on his latest project @steemgigs.

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So much love for @surpassinggoogle. He deserves it. Nice one


Yes he his really a nice and humble man he deserves more even

Thanks for your effort.
The project @teardrops is possible with the help of all of you.
If you want to support this project, we invite you to vote steemgigs as a witness. If you want to do it, you can write in minuscule letter steemgigs here.

What a beautiful sketch


Thank you boss