Drugs , hatred , betrayal she's just a victim and she needs help

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Hi steemians let me share you a story about my friend , who sadly goes into wrong path of way. Just like me she's just 29 years old unmarried to her long time partner for 10yrs, they have two beautiful kids but sadly her relationship with her partner didnt work out and she gave in into the temptation of drugs !20180216_005340.png

At first her relationship with his partner seems fine they were helping each other to survive in daily life they were doing their best for they family and they seems happy but one day an opportunity knocks on their door someone offer her partner to work abroad. They were so happy full of hopes and dreams for their kids. And then the day come and her husband fly to other country to work.20180216_005250.png

At first everything seems fine they were always chatting each other and telling how much they miss each other. And then time goes by then become months and then year my friend notice that her partner was changing he's not that so eager to talk to her he didn't telling her that he missed her she notice that her partner was being aloof and cold she asked why? He always said that maybe he was tired. This cold treament of her partner continue and then one day he just said that he dont love her anymore and he want them to seperate their ways. 20180216_005401.png

She felt so betrayed and so hurt but she did not give up she ask for her family and his partner family support she know that he already have other but she fight for her childs and for her love. She win her partner back and she was ao happy.20180216_005855.png

And then his partner go back here in philipines she was so happy finally they were complete again. She taught everything will turnout right. But she was wrong. Her partner tells her that he really dont love her anymore he tried to save their relationship for their children but he just dont love her! And he cant stand to be right her.20180216_010401.png

She beg , she cried and do all that she can to save their relationship but it seems that she wont really win him back, she already lose the man she love all of her life the father of her children her betterhalf she lost him. And she also lost half of her life.20180216_005426.png

And sadly she chose a wrong decision she relied on drugs. She said drugs is the only thing that makes her forget all of her pain drugs numb her. It makes her happy. We do advice her but she just ignore us. And what's even worst is that she even trade her body for drugs! She sell her body on drug addict man just to sustain her needs on drugs. She's not listening to her family and children anymore she become a drug dependent.20180216_005315.png

She badly needs help a help that only her self can give. She's one of the victim of our society of our goverment that cant do anything about drugs. She is a victim of betrayal of the man she loved she is a victim of herself.

i did not post her image in here all the images in here was from google to protect her children.

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Sad story:( I hope she'll find strength to find her way back.


Yes po sana talaga , up until now lulong parin sya sa droga

A sad story, family and friends should not surrender to help her.
An encounter with God is necessary for her.

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Wow thank you very much .. sad part is i think she needs medication for her addiction rehab perhaps ..