Reminiscing my Grandfather's 76th Birthday|A Great Memory

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Clothes fade and so as beauty. The sun always rises in the morning but sets in the end. My love can sometimes turn to hate, jealousy, selfishness, ... The brick house will soon be damaged and untamed wild grasses will grow all over it. He is young now, healthy and well but soon gets old and has a cane on to help him walk around. Nevertheless, his memories, our memories will always be kept in my head. Time might steal them but it's fine.



Those are the words, the infinite words that are necessary to me. My grandfather is getting older. Day by day, he is showing his aged attitude. His weaknesses now are showing. He walks slow. He eats less. He looks thin. He forgets past events. He forgets people. He even forgets how to cook rice. Whenever I talk to him and ask him questions about what happened the day before, he would shake his head and say "I forgot.". He would never get mad at me for asking him those questions. He knows he is getting forgetful but he always replies me with a smile.

Mama recalled one day on how my grandfather would carry my little brother on his neck. I remember how I used to accompany my grandfather to his farm and would get on the carabao's back when we would go home. It's still fresh in my memory, I was probably around 7 to 8 years old that time. I remember how I tried to look down and tightly clutched my hands to his muddy t-shirt. The carabao was steadily climbing that hill with ease.

And now, he is 76 years old and will turn 77 this month. Last year, we celebrated his 76th birthday at a small beach resort near my home. We prepared enough viands and puso (hanging rice) for us. I can say it was a simple yet fun celebration. While we were singing "Happy birthday" to him, tears suddenly poured down his eyes. He is always like that. He easily gets teary-eyed, especially when mentioning a person who is close to him that he has never seen for a long time. He is a very emotional old man. The seawater was enticing so we decided to change clothes and head to the beach to swim. There were quite a lot of people during that time because it's Sunday. And as you know Sunday is always a family day.

He is going to have this 77th birthday in the next few weeks so I and Mama are already trying to make a plan on what to do and prepare on his birthday, as we are the ones who thought of giving him a birthday celebration every year. He never has celebrated his birthdays when he was younger. It's never part of their household traditions to celebrate birthdays. But I want to change it and with the help of my Mama, I want to give him a birthday celebration. While time is still running and ticking I want to give him great memories. I know he will still forget those but the videos and pictures that I always show him, probably makes him feel cherished.



The small resort where we celebrated his birthday.

NOTE: All photos used are by @loudetteiam

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happy birthday to your grandfather

Thank you, dear. :-)

Memories often so important yet it goes fleeting with each year as we grow older.

Thank you for letting us peak at this celebration you had with your family.

True! Though he always forgets his short-memories, I still want to give him a good memory of us.

@loudetteiam that's why we make memories while they are breathing. I cried with this Post.

That is very necessary, @gratefulayn. When they leave us without giving them great memories, our regrets will be endless. So, we should give them those memories while they are still with us.

Excellent, thanks for sharing. That is so true, grandparents like this are so valuable for so many reasons. He seems like a real treasure. It's so cool you have such a big party for him, I can see how that can overwhelm someone. Lol, I have to be careful to choke up a bit when a niece or nephew of mine (really little kids barely school age) does something really nice. If you multiply that by several times, it looks like the wonderful day in the life your grandfather gets to spend his day how it seems he would have it no other way. Very neat experiences and thoughts, thanks @loudetteiam for sharing them!

Yeah. And I'm sure one of these days either your niece or nephew would do the same. Please don't cry. LOL.

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