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Hello steemians. Be safe of your password or active posting key. Don't enter in any link that is found in your feed Because these what happened to me last Sunday when I click a link that was found in my feed. In that time I feel that's it was helpful to me to get some upvote but it's lead to my account to be hacked by name @richardman


In that day I'm not the only one hacked by this account name @richardman. He made many hacking activities last Sunday and today he/she have also hacking today as I open his account.

Last Sunday I remember that I join a challenge called pocketdump challenge and there was a link I opened and invite me to join. That was happened after I posted my entry my phone is in Low Battery mode so I charge my phone for two hours. Then after fully charged I opened my steemit account but I can not access anymore my account. So I wonder why. But I never make a logged out my account in my cellphone.


I searched my account so that I can open my account then I go to my wallet then I found that my SBD and STEEM is transfer to the account of @richardman. So my I think that it is a hacker because I open his account he did not made any post since he was register. He only hacked many accounts that is found in his wallet .

But his wallet have many SBD and STEEM from many accounts he hacked and he directly transfer it to bittrex.

My tears fall in my eyes because I just a minute I lost everything in my wallet. I worked hard in posting even I came late from my daily work. I spend that for Two months. I try my best to be active in steemit even there was some discouragement came sometimes but I try to be active and make myself enjoy of what I do and enjoy my life in steemit world.
Now my account was recover from hacking. I begin it with no heartache because it is a lesson for me of what happened . So this is my simple advice *** NEVER INPUT YOUR PASSWORD TO ANY SITE ASKING YOUR PASSWORD BETTER MAKE ANY CONFIRMATION OF HIS ACCOUNT. DON'T TRUST ANY ACCOUNT THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW***.
To all Steemians beware of hacker who are doing Evil things to me and many of his victims.

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This just now happened to me but it was chumah. I am now trying to recover my account but nothing is working. When I try and use one of my passwords. Ones that I have used in the last 30 days, none of them are accepted. So, I am not sure what to do.

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I had the same happening to me a little over a month ago. Fortunately, I successfully recovered my account and reputation.

In fact, I’m running a contest on the topic at the moment, because I want to spread the message to be careful, and protect as many people as possible.

The harsh truth is that there is little we can do to stop the scammers - all we can do is make people aware so they won’t be tricked again.

Since you have experienced it first-hand, I thought you might want to help spread the word. You can find my contest here:

(Or if you are not comfortable yet to click links in comments, just visit my blog and check the post I made 2 days ago: ‘💰 [20SBD CONTEST] Protect People From The Ongoing Phishing Scam’)

I am so so sorry to hear this has happened to you. I just looked at your account and you were working hard. To have it all taken is just nasty. Is your account fully secure now?


Maybe. Today I recover my account. New key

Really sorry about the sad incident. Stay strong.

We already have investigated it, it seems you entered your password on the wrong website..

Try depositing your earning in the savings :) This will allow you to hold your sbd/steem and subject to 3 days for withdrawal. Hackers will wait for 3 days in order to steal what is yours.


Ok thanks I will try

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