TEARDROPS ~ Smart Media Token

in teardrops •  2 years ago 


Better Late Than Never!

This is my own way of showing support to @surpassinggoogle

My own interpretation of Teardrops Smart Media Token

Here’s the sketch of my entry...


It’s been a long time since I last draw something like this..


Honestly, I was surprised when I saw my drawing’s output. I know it’s not that perfectly sketched ~ but the feeling you have accomplished something was really great! Got teary-eyed for this one. And I’m pretty sure these are tears of joy! My own proof of valuable tears.


Hope you like my little contribution for supporting @surpassinggoogle

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nice drawing! very creative..


Hello @khat.holanda23. Nice teardrops drawing offering @surpassinggoogle

yes! thanks for appreciating my piece @chibas.arkanghil

a wonderful token for sir @surpassinggoogle

yes,indeed. thank you!

thanks for posting steemitdavao tags,

Upvoted and resteem your post

From your steemitdavao family

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thankyou steemitdavao!

Nice.. Upvoted :)

Thanks po!