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How did i end up like this?
I am now far from my family,
Please tell me where's the exit,
And i will proceed immediately,

Others judge me for what they see,
I heared rumors saying im a thief,
It hurts a lot but i have to live,
I wont lose hope i will be brave,

But now what should i do?
I heard gun shots out of the blue,
When i touched my chest, my hands got red,
Then i realized i was shot to death.

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thanks for posting steemitdavao tags;

Upvoted and resteem your post]

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Thank you so much i appreciate it :)

This is a really wonderful poem shows what beggars go through on the street. I believe when we see a beggar or a kid hustling in the street, we should give what we can because they are the ones that dont steal

Yes sir, we should give them so that they wont be forced to steal, it is hard being a beggar, but i think it is harder if you're being accused as a criminal.