Does The Happiness Of Others Mean Anything To You?

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My name is Gideon Nnakude, a 25 years old from Nigeria and final year student in the university.

People tend to be ashamed to tell others their age or they feel too big to say their age.
I am not really concerned about how old i am but i am so concerned about how many people i can make happy within the time frame of my life and living on earth. The happiness of others is the worth of my age
I am a young man that has been through tough and dangerous times in my little 25 years on earth. I have come to understand that wealth is not about how much you have in your bank account but how much happiness you have given to people around you through your wealth
@shikika is one friend i have known on steemit that is always happy and smiling despite the difficult times she is going through and have learnt from her to be happy all the time. She knows how much happiness i do get from her. My mummy whale, your crayfish is growing up gradually😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@hefziba is a friend, a sister and a mummy with a heart ❤that cares. Your children will never taste what i have suffered in life. Your generosity towards me has made me to make some people to laugh yesterday and today, and could eat because you sent the sbd that provided the meal for them. Meeting you was a miracle not a chance.
Being good is all i desire to live for. I desire the happiness of others far beyond my own happiness because

If my neighbour is happy then i am also happy
If a neighbour is sick then it's my own sickness

I want to do good until people become tired of my goodness. I want to do good to people that generations to come will remember that Gideon Nnakude once lived in this world. I want to do good so i can see those tears of joy flow down the cheeks of people and i join in the tears. I want to do good so that my children will not even see people again to help.

I want to do good until i die

Dear Steemians, do you really desire to do good to others or the pains of others gives you joy?

Lets make the world a better place through our good deeds.

happy Sunday friends

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Hello @inspiredgideon1, I found you from teardrops. This is a beautiful post. My mom and dad say it is our choice to be happy or not.

High five!

Thanks for coming around and try your best to make others around you to be happy also. Thanks for reading

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You are always doing well on your post....

Thanks for being original!!!

Thanks for reading

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Signs point to yes

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Why only 8 smiles? It should be 10x. Lol 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Yey! Smile smile smile smile to attract good vibes. 😀
I told you not to call me mummy. Wahahaha

Happiness and joy of others means a lot to me. 😀💖

Think of the world if no one smiles, if no one is happy. There will be no joy at all.

So spread happiness! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Oh you counted smile. That's nice of you. 😀😀
Calling you mummy is a good title for a friend like you. Just accept it while i grow up from crayfish to stockfish before i advance to become a shark then we think of whale

Hahaha. You haven't submitted yet your statistics report. Hahaha
But you think of me as a mommy whale. 😀 Moving forward. Hahaha

The statistics will be ready soon. It was with held by the FBI 😀😀
Hopefully when sbd goes high i will forward through air fighters

Making other happy should be the most thing on steemit it will help other to grow and make the community good for every one and to make life easy for all steemians

That's very true. I wish i have good steem power to share a bit of this happiness

Spread the cheer, not the fear. Making people happy, not a damn thing wrong with that. I like to try to bring a little happiness to people, even though i am not a particularly funny person, (just ask my wife I don't laugh enough), I do crack myself up at time and do laugh out loud sometimes, Good cheer to you Gideon Nnakude, I think more than one or two will remember you in 50 or more years when your time comes.

Thanks so so much for coming around.
With happiness we can make the world better

Thanks so so much for coming around.
With happiness we can make the world better

Yes! Spreading happiness and love are great tools for success! You are doing a great job at it @inspiredgideon.
You have been doing a great job on Steemit. I have been busy in so many places, but I still try to stop by and pay you a visit as much as I can!
Keep up the great work friend, and keep spreading the love.

Thank you so much friend for always taking out time to visit my blog.
I don't have upvote to offer because it's worthless. Looking forward to better days.
Thank you so much

No worries friend. Your up vote won't be worthless forever, and the important thing is YOU are not worthless! Best wishes friend .

Thanks so much. This mean alot to me

Your a very kind hearted man. I know for sure you will be remember by your friends and family to their heart ❣

Thank you so much friend.
I really wish to be remembered for good and not evil.

@soulbella lets do good to others because that will make life meaningful and useful for everyone

@inspiredgideon1 welcome aboard, hello there Nigeria give us some gari oh... and dried the tilapia hmmm yummy.😁👍

Your money or better put it. Your sbd solves that for you.
You speak like a Nigerian "gari oh"

No am not but I have some nigerian friend here in Dubai.

Wow that's nice. It shows you have mingled well with them. Do enjoy friend.

Try to do go to as many as you can. Thank you


That's a nice one friend. Looking good

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