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In life, we all desire to be happy and to live in a comfortable state. No one ever desires a life of discomfort and sorrow, a life of total dependence on people for food, clothing, shelter etc. There is this mindset wanting a freedom not controlled by what others give us but rather to rely on our own ability for what we need in life.
It's not in any way bad to be independent of others because God has blessed you with all you need but those blessings of God in your life becomes an evil thing when greed comes in and you look away from the needs of others when they don't have.

The blessings of God upon one's life should be treasure to people around and not a threat to them

When we allow greed and self satisfaction to dwell in our hearts, that is when our prayers to God becomes centered on me, myself and I, that is when we look away to pray for the needs of others passing through one tough time or the other.

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My sole aim of living these days is not really to acquire wealth but to ensure that everyone around me is happy and comfortable which prompted this post


Of recent I have stopped asking God to bless me but rather to make me a channel of blessing to others. I don't just want to live and die but to be answers to the prayers of people while am alive. That is made possible when God blesses you and through you that blessings flows down to others to tap from what God has given you. Friends, we have to come up from the point of being selfish in our prayers that is being centered on us only. Have a compassionate heart for others so that God will not only bless you but making a channel while He(God) remains your source. As long as we allow God to remain our source, we as channels will not lack what is needed.

Oh Lord, don't bless me but make me a channel of blessing.

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Another master piece. Oh yes some people don't really care about other, they just want to acquire all the wealth without helping others. We have to be like Jesus, he came to this world to lay down his life for us and he became a blessing to mankind. Why can't we be a blessing to others?.
Thanks alot for this post, I hope it helps us to look past ourselves and begin to be a blessing to others.

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