Spoken Word Poetry of Mine "Thinking About The Rain"

in teardrops •  last year


Sometimes I get to the point of Frustration that I just becone Silent

Lying on bed, nothing in mind
As the deserted black desert.
Think on half circled moon
Often on the falling Dew
The red road lights, seldome
Catch my heed, Slept air too.
Once the serene night dark
Calls my Inner soul to speak.
My eyes trap in myriad stars
Ears hear The Silence' sound
I listen the Talks of trees
The whisper, of genie , ghosts.
Heart feels the God Presence
Shoulders sense the angels' load
But I cann't Think of Deem
I cann't converse with Brain
It's not in my Control
I try, again try , in vain.
No idea, no debate I make
I weep, weep and weep more.
Then I hush, and Sleep lone,
With too many waste desires.
Yet in busy scene, it rains
Much Ideas and mind's images.
With no story I get story
I write, activate my spirit.
The Thinking rain, rains fully.
No scene needed, Its Godly.

Needed someone who can understand me right now..



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Try to put separation... A next paragraph to know the next page. Raining is one of my favorite seasons.


You are right, this should have been 3 verses, not one.

This is the 10th poem I read for today, you are so talented.

Why are you not using the tag 'poetry'? That is where people who want to read poetry go.

Teardrops greets you, and sends you a big hug. You are not alone, cultivate the faith and keep the flame of hope awake. Your poetic art is beautiful and you are wonderful.
We will mention you in our next edition.

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I can understand many thoughts and thoughts, we are family here and you are free to share.