Poetry: Tears Of Salvation

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Tears of Salvation

I saw a light, shining bright,
I come closer to see what it might,
I saw an open door,
Cluelessly, i walked in to the door,
The road is as wide as the crowd,

Suddenly fell down, as i walk along the midst nowhere,
Tears are running down my face,
Scars and bruises i cannot erase,
Getting tired, my throat was dry,
Always listening, can't barely say a thing,

Feeling cold and dizzy,
As they all were passing by me,
No one notice me on the ground where i lay,
I'm tired emotionally, physcally,
"Why am i still here?" asked myself,

I closed my eyes, thinking it was only be just a dream,
a raindrop fell on my cheek,
oh please, not now,
slowly my eyes opened,
i was stunned as a man's shadow is covering me,
my eyes were blurry, couldn't see his identity,

I cleared my eyes,
He stretched out his hands and said,
"Come my child, i'll walk with you"
I grabbed his hands, and slowly get up
I saw his eyes filled with tears,
It was then i realized, It wasn't just a raindrop all along.


Written by: @geeyang15

May the Lord be in our hearts always. <3


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