From grass to grace: A story of Oluwadarasimi

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Dara choose a good destiny though, but has a fragile foundation, she grew up to realise her life with an old woman who seem to be in her 70s, Dara has a lot of question in her heart like, is this old woman my mother?, should i call them my sisters or aunt because I am just like a grand daughter compare to her age, but there was nobody to answer Dara's question. This question arose when she is getting closer to her 7yrs old, she noticed her great resemblance with one of her brothers but she is confused, how can this small man be husband to the old woman because this very woman has been referring to the man as Dara's father... This is serious.
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As you grow, your understanding increase, Dara is now 8yrs old and one exciting thing about her birthday is that the old woman will always celebrate her, happy girl she is, but now the elders are acting and talking with proverb probably out of jealousy, one day her aunt which is 15 years older said "do you think she's your mother" now the issue is getting clearer or better still, more confusing, Dara decided to write a letter to the man they refer to as her father, Dara wrote her childish threat letter and threatened that she will commit suicide if identity of her real mother is not revealed...after all these....
One sunny afternoon, Dara was sleeping when a woman woke her up and said "do you know me?", No that was her response, to her surprise she said "i am your mother" is getting to know who she is at the age of 10 when she is in jss1, thank God the old woman has great passion for education irrespective of her illetracy ....Oluwadarasimi continues her life after she was sent to her Aunt to futher, she wasn't happy because she lacks parental care and love, honestly speaking Dara does not have any physical challenge, Aunty Grace loves Dara so much and she's trying her best but blood is thicker than water, at times she regret ever knowing her mother because the woman seems lifeless to her life, Darasimi had her first boyfriend at the early age of 14, probably for God's blessing that endowed her with big stature or lack of SECURITY, after some persuasion by the so called boyfriend that claims to love her, she succumbed after some months in the relationship. Aunty Grace, a nurse by profession confirmed that Dara is pregnant subsequently after she was painfullying disflowered.....just like that, what would happen next? Aunty called Dara's father to inform him, he came around and beat Dara mercilessly, he left the place and declare that he has disowned Dara, now another facet of hatred, Aunty Grace was confused because the solution is left to her now, until Aunty Grace's friend asked Dara if she would leave the pregnancy, Dara bluntly said 'No' considering her level of education which as at that time, she was in her first term in SS2 (her education was very fast), Dara's boyfriend was also invited, he was asked questions like, do you know her? Do you know she's pregnant? He was shocked amidst confusion but still claimed ownership, he requested that Aunty Grace should help him convince Dara to keep the baby, but considering the fact that her education will be stopped if she has to keep the pregnancy, imagine her first term in SS2. Oluwadara passed through the pain of abortion the following continues.

This rigorous experience made her to develop haterd for relationship, and unfortunately, she's not lucky with guys, now she had to give full concentration to her education, its wasn't easy because there were times when she will need shoulder to lean on, she begin to observe her leadership skills, she was elected as the Student Union President in her community, she was made the church secretary despite her age, she was unanimously choosen as the sister cordinator at her school fellowship in year three, Darasimi tried to establish close relationship with her mother closer by calling her but all in vain, as if there was a spell on her, this insecurity and loneliness also lead her to drinking and drug addiction during her first and second year in polythecnic, God loves her so much that she stopped it after a while she even had some write ups on drugs and alcohol...... I remembered a day , Dara trusted a friend , it was late though, she is just closing her Aunt's shop around 10pm wen Olamide came around to invite her to buy suya together at the next junction, she ignorantly agreed until Olamide drove toward another root which leads to his house, Dara ask with curiousity where they are heading to, he replied her jokingly that i want you to know my house, Dara does not see this as anything special, she was only worried that it's late already that why not some other time, but am not going to kidnap you, she seems relieved, something got Dara's attention which was a picture of a kid, carefully placed on the wall , Dara spent few minute and decided to go when a great war strarted ......then she realise her wrong visit at the wrong time....oh my God what have I done to myself? Olamide made a move to rape her, pls stop, I am HIV positive, and all manner of words was coming out of her mouth, she was beaten like a thief , after severe torture on her, he asked her whether she is still a virgin, what if am not?

Olamide observed her stubbornness and decide to use his military weapon (pistol), Dara cannot explain where the boldness is coming from, she said "kill me first and then have your way, that will even be more easier"... Then he realized that she really mearnt business, they entered another beaten section, now she is getting weaker, the shirt she's putting on is torn already, her skirt is shifted to the thigh level,very close to her reproduction organ...she suddenly changed her mood and started acting diabolic, she said to him" if you do these; you will die before tomorrow ".... Well, I wouldn't say that it's the word that hit him to change his mind, this is God's love speaking, he took her back home around 11pm....Darasimi cried all through the night, the pain she encounter at home was much more than that from the cruel beaten, her Aunt does not give any regard to her coming home late and her half naked look....she wish to speak with someone, she want to be pitied by a caring heart, she was expecting her Aunt to ask at least a question... She missed the motherly love here, nobody to scold or consel, well still has reasons to be happy, for escaping rape.

I will call Dara a strong and focus lady, she engaged herself in all manner of handwork, she learnt her Aunt's business, she learnt about catering, baking of any kind of snack, she uses those money from part time jobs to take care of her welfare, sincerely her father's family members are trying, nevertheless, no one fills the space of mother.
Her last year seems impossible, when there was much expenses to clear, project and other huge miscellaneous... She made it at last..Dara served in Ondo and there she wrote her first book titled "NO EXCUSE FOR FAILURE" , she wrote the book base on her experience that even if parents are not there or inactive, anyone wishing to be successful in life should encourage themself...she launched her second book after service titled "PREPARE FOR TOMORROW".. She met Elijah during her service year, a God fearing, caring and lovable man, Elijah has proposed to her, everything about Elijah is lovely, but she is scared at the same time, many times she gives it a thought, obviously she's in love... Elijah was present during the book launch, he took permission from the compere when the program was about to end, he proposed officially to Dara, oh my God...Dara was initially confused, but the expression from the audience was quite exciting... She said " Yes"...
They got marry few months after and were living happily.
With all gratitude she took care of Aunty Grace and her children, she took charge of one of them to be living with her.
Darasimi now owns the biggest super market at Ibrahim road, in Akure.
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