I am living away with my grandson

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I have a grandson that I have take good care of him since he was still a baby. I send him to school everyday when he grew up...Unfortunately for some reasons he is living away with me now and I felt lonely for that. I cried many tears for hi. I am not used of living away from him since he grew with me since he was still a baby. 

Her mom need to move away to her hometown for her work so he need to be with him since he is her mother. I don't want to live away from him but it is a must and I need to accept it. I can't sleep before and I need to go somewhere else for me to forget what is happening. There are a lot of good things we have shared and I love my grandson. 

I have sacrificed a lot for my grandson and even I don't have money before I have given all he needs with the best that I can. I completely live for him and until this moment I am still living and counting on a day for us to be with again. I am old now but I am not quitting as to a good chance someday. though I cry hard for now I knew someday I can be with him.

He was still a small kid before and some of our pictures are here for  you to see him.  We shared a lot of memories..the day they settle in different place he cried a lot. He pulled my pants and don't want to go that is why I cried a lot too. I can never forget each time I visit him he will always ask me another day to stay with him and don't leave him,

It takes a lot of tears to forget the things we love to do together. The time we went to the market and buy some goods for us. I am very sad before and of course until now There are days that I still remember his sweet litle naughtiness and his sweetness but I must admit...that he needs to be away.

photos are taken from my facebook

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He's a cute kid.
I'm sure he misses you too.
Stay strong....

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thank you. i will read it

he is so cute and for sure you really really love him, it would be very hard for him too to be away from you.

yes he always cry when I visit him