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Today been the 2nd Of March 2018 I read through one of the most heart aching stories on #teardrops by

@diosarich who is a single mother and wrote on her personal life passed through so much but even in her time of trials and distress she still says a thanksgiving prayer every morning on behalf of her son who suffers from Epileptic Cerebral Palsy.

You may need to read the full story of @diosarich here to understand fully what I am talking about😥😖😥.

You may not understand what people out there pass through because you aren't in their shoes. Some shed tears in their closets for years and are tortured by the condition they find themselves in. Some get so tired and give up on life.

The tears, the pains, the agony and heartaches seem like they would never be a past tense.

But as humans and friend's you and I need to try our possible best to support those in trying times even when things go so well for you.

Your words, pamper and love means a lot.

And by so doing you could turn tears and mourning into laughter and joy undescribable.

Through you, your presence and warmth of love can uplift their spirits for a lifetime.

@Surpassinggoogle through this imaginary coin(smart media token) from my keen observation has assisted life's and is still motivating steemians out there not to ever loose hope in tears filled situation's.

Weeping may tarry at night but truly Joy cometh in the morning.
That morning of no more mourning is nigh.

I'm moved by the teardrops stories have read so far and I must say that it would go a long way if we show people in their trying times superb love. Love the say is the greatest. Be a reason to wipe out the tears of men, women and children out there.
So today while at my Mum's shop I did a drawing of teardrops smart media tokens for @surpassinggoogle.


I may not be a good artist but I learnt a little of finearts while in primary and secondary school.

I achieved this drawing using a black and blue ink pen, a blue, yellow and green execu highlighter and my mini jotter.


I hope you all like my drawing cos
I really did my best so it comes out real, beautiful and colorful.

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Eunice your drawing, you did alright.


Thanks so much buddy.

Your drawing as your feelings are beautiful.


Thank you so much @teardrops for upvoting my post once it went through.
A big thanks to you and @surpassinggoogle for this idea of the smart media token I love the imaginary coin.
Thanks for coming by as well to drop a comment, you are amazing @teardrops.
All the best in life💞💞

I read that post by that lady, it touched me to the bones o.

And this your drawing is really beautiful mehn.
Naturally beautiful


Juli seriously her story was extremely touching I believe there is nothing God cannot do.
Thanks for commending my drawing so much.

So touching content....

Your drawing amaze me also. hope I could do one like this


Awwwwn thanks for going through the post @peakreal1, @eunireal1 appreciates.

Wow !! ... You really did well with the drawing right there ... Nice one @eunireal1


Thanks so much Sir @dray91eu I really did my best so it comes out good am glad you like it.