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Yesterday really got me crying because despite all my efforts to be transparent and honest,
I found no one to believe me when I was falsely accused of something I knew Nothing about. I Then realized that Trust has become so thin like a thread fastened in a clothe...
In a country where no one loves how can one trust....
Its like those tears that threaten to fall when your friend accuses you of something....
Its like the stuttering of words when you try to make dad realize you are being truthful...
Its like the heartbreak that occurs when your girlfriend tells you its over because she can't believe you ...
How do you expect trust when you teach yourself to be so careful...
You eat with your hand and your face watches the back...
Nobody is good enough because you love your life...
You are so watchful because you are scared of death...
And the littlest thing like the barking of a dog raises an alarm...
But when will love lead to trust...
My heart aches every time I work faithfully and yet accused wrongly...
And every time my leg wobbles in tears and questions will form ...
I had a choice to be unfaithful but I couldn't
Then why is my truth questioned ?
And the only thing I do is cry myself to sleep

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You can’t live life without trust, keep trusting even when you have doubt, you have my trust brother always did and always time your actions will be may feel wronged now, but in time you will see, keep trusting loving, and never change who you are...because I’ve see your heart, you let’s us in. And it’s a beautiful glorious strong keep going. Never give up, always believe in you...god bless and amen brother. ❤️


Thank you for your kind words brother .i will always be honest no matter what.. What matters to me is been at peace with my conscience and my God... #peace

You should be crying

I'm so sorry about that dear


Thank you for your kind words dear

It's hard dear, it's really hard. But I trust you anytime. Your peace is more important.


Thank you for believing me.. I'm happy I earned your trust.. Thank you

Very Nice


Thank you for reading

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eehyah! my situation was almost the same few days back. in situations like this i think deep them smile and say to myself this is life.