The eyes of a man also [email protected] and @surpassinggoogle

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Although many hide it, the eyes of a man also to cry.

There are men with crystal hearts, some let them see and others have it under lock and key.


I did not think it was possible before, but I've seen man's tears. They run like ink to their lips that drink them to get back to the heart.


I saw this man's eyes crying, for his son, for his parents, for his family. For things that the human can not clarify. I have drawn those eyes.

those tears showed me how soft and big his heart was.

Dedicated to my husband @ajes

Own content of Desiree Molina

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Que lindo reflejo del alma en esa mirada. Abracitos bichito :)

😍😍! Son un sueño! Saludos amiga

Que ternura, hermoso lo que describes en tus líneas, muestra de amor verdadero.

Gracias amiga, es muy reconfortante mirar esto en mi vida.

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