My Version of @teardrops @surpassinggoogle #steemgigs

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

Here's my version of #teardrops art to @surpassinggoogle my gratitude and support #teardrops and #steemgigs.


The tears are not just the pain you feel there is also tears from happiness.

Hope you like my simple art @teardrops my gratitude for your kindness and undying support to us sir Terry Boy @surpassinggoogle.

Continue to support @surpassinggoogle teardrops, explore your talents to this platform coz someday success automatically comes in that you've never notice. Thank you so much for all of this. You did it great @surpassinggoogle.

And voting for a witness, just click vote for witness found at the upper right on your screen. The three bar lines,just click it then type @steemgigs in the box.



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We visit you and add an imaginary tear of enjoyment.
Thank you very much for promoting steemgigs as a witness. If it is your wish, we invite you to enter the link and vote as a witness.


Thank you too so much sir and it is my pleasure to support steemgigs once again thank you so much @surpassinggoogle.