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Hello fellow steemians, today I wanna share to you my latest artwork a drawing of teardrops. This is my only way to help promote @surpassinggoogle's proof of tears. Hoping that this little drawing can help, and hopefully you will like it too. I'm using here only graphite pencil (hb, 6b, 2h and 4h).

Here some photos of my drawing in step by step






photo and drawn by: @deemmosqueda


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Awesome, i loved it.


thanks.. I really really appreciate it


One of the most artistic teardrops id ever seen! Thank you for sharing your talent with us @deemmosqueda.

i love your imagination and the uniqueness of your drawing 😊

Wow this is wonderful your mind is more artistic than I imagined keep up the good work @frank-cris

You are a talented fellow, how i wish i can draw
@surpassinggoogle is a good man whose initiatives are always laudable
Welldone to you both

Awesome awesome awesome
I really love this

Nice drawing you have. You have an artistic hands. Keep it up.

This is beautiful and amazing , nice painting my friend, keep it going

Great imagination comes out to great artwork. Very creative! I like the way you illustrate your proof of tears for @surpassinggoogle 😊

This really works of art you are amazing, I like it very much.

An artwork full of such figurative beauty and meaning. Keep on...

This is just too cool i love it

wow, very creative strokes, and i like the the theme whole world cry with tear drops

This is a nice drawing. I tried making one myself so I could also do the teardrop post but it didn't come out so nice so had to drop the idea.

Art becomes part of the heart when it portrays the imaginations and beauties of the heart. You're a great artist and these arts are very captivating. These shouldn't just make @surpassinggoogle impressed alone but everyone that understands art. Keep it up

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Wow... Such a nice post!

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beautiful and inspiring, love it!