My Gift Logo Proposal for (TEARDROPS) by @SURPASSINGGOOGLE

in teardrops •  last year 

Hello!!! I just want to share my new artwork my gift logo proposal for @teardrops by @surpassinggoogle.

I used graphite pencil for this because i'm not good in colour pencil..

I used graphite pencils 8b, 6b, 2b, hb












Original photo↓↓


With effects.


Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle for your inspiring blogs and for always supporting to Filipino bloggers. I hope you like it..♡♡

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Npkatalented MO nman bro @darwinfrancisco..very nice artwork napakalinis no pagkakagawa. For sure sir @surpassinggoogle appreciate this one.

Salamat master.♡♡

Beautiful drawing!

I will publish it in A Tear Now Has Value # 15

Thank you so much.♡♡♡♡♡

Very nice!

Thank you.♡♡

Precious. I am grateful

  ·  last year (edited)

very unique and well done,Im sure @surpassinggoogle will love this @teardrops logo.

Mabuhay ang talentong Pilipino!

awesome.. looks realistic dear.. sir @surpassinggoogle will definitely love this!

Thank you sir, I hope sir @surpassinggoogle will see my artwork.♡♡

i hope so too!

Congratulations! He even resteemed your post! ^_^ Hooray for you my friend!

Thank you sir.♡♡

It looks like the real human eye. Appreciates your hard work. Keep it up.

Wow! Awesome drawing, you are very talented! ❤️

what a wonderful artwork, you nailed it

so nice broo..😄

whewww! Good job with this! The eyes seems really realistic! Thus putting the teardrops near the eyes made it look better!

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow perfect! This is a great job! A big thumbs up to you my friend .

Thank you so much.♡♡♡♡


Perfect logo you have there.
Man! You can really draw. It hasnt been much of my thing tho.
Hope @surpassinggoogle adopts it.

I have seen a lot of entry on this. But This is the best entry for me so far. It’s so realistic. I admire your talent @darwinfrancisco. ☺️

Wow really? Thank you so much.😍😍

tear drops art are always amazing!!!!!!!!