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Tears has a different meanings, either it's a tears of grief or tears of happiness.


Tears is not a sign of weakness, it's just a way of showing your deepest emotion.:)

Drawing Tools

•bond paper


•color pencil

•sign pen

Hope you like it. :)

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Upvoted dais..


Salamat @leslyfay :)

Nice. Upvoted


Thanks athena :)

nice dais..artist man diay ka hehe


Hehe 😅

@daisyt23 This is simply amazing ! Your drawing says it all...i just got properly introduced to this page this morning and i must say, it is relieving.
I made a post about tears about 22 days ago, my very first post on steemit. Although i tagged it "cry"...and coming from someone that has had her portion (i've cried a lot hahaha), i deemed it necessary to share with steemians. This is the link to the post . Finding a blog by @surpassinggoogle this morning has totally brought warmth to my soul.
Again, your teardrops art is just superb!!


Ok i will visit your post. :) Thanks for appreciating my works and for dropping by:)

Thats a nice logo :) keep workin.


Thank you :)

@daisyt23 nice sketching. But i have one issue am trying to vote for my bosd @surpassinggoogle at the witness
I type in steemgigs on the first box it wen true now to the second box proxy i type in his name surpassinggoogle and they told me dismiss is invalid what should i do please put me true.i really need to vote


Just visit @surpassinggogle account and read his blogs for more info. Thank you.