Teardrops : The tears do not stop

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Without warning and there you are

A tear on me
a tear in you
it's the nostalgia of seeing you leave.
The fate, the life, I do not know anymore
I need you here, and not far from me
Happy to say goodbye or sad maybe
The tears are always there.
And how does our being feel?
Do you feel different to me?
Tears are born and fall again
they run nonstop like in a race they go
they express what I mean
move away I've never wanted
Although it is difficult for me to resign myself
Obvious circumstances make you undertake
Is the journey to the future which we all long for
And I can not have you here, trampling your dreams
the tears will never end.
of nostalgia, joy, triumph, of any feeling
there they are to, and enamnan like the one who has an endless river
I want you to fulfill your dreams
I prefer to cry in silence
but of pure happiness I hope.

Poem of my own authorship

It is evident that the tears have always been there, in each moment of joy, of sadness, of conflicting emotions, they are part of us, since we are born tears begin to run down our cheeks, we do not know how? nor why? They only appear without warning.


Decisions mark our lives for a long time or simply will always be part of our walk, such as moving away from loved ones, from the comfort of home, family, everyday life, makes us flow like a river, tears of despair, of restlessness, of confusion, until the tranquility returns to reign, and without realizing it, again the tears will be there, but for the beautiful memories that can never be forgotten.

Tears are born of a strong feeling inside of us, not all of them are of sadness, the tears change, they have meanings in our lives that make us feel different.

A tear or many of them just come out, like when good news or bad news is not expected, that's how they are. The tears represent in us the many battles to come out victorious, the battles that we won, those tears that come from feelings that fill us with sadness, and that at the end of the road we manage to keep in balance the positive things brought by the changes. , That's how it had to be! I am being rewarded in another way, and without forgetting what I want to say or what that moment means to you.

In search of opportunities

You run the risk, you face the unknown, you fight for what you want, you do not let yourself be defeated, that's what we came for, in search of an opportunity

Migrating offers you an opportunity

Tears of farewell, which usually leave us, for a short or long term farewell but without a doubt make you a knot in the heart, we can not contain such emotion.


In my country there are many who have tended to leave in search of new opportunities, for their families and for them, have to capture that image forever in your memories, telling God, I see you soon, and not knowing when It will be that soon, although you expect it to be very fast.

Planning, something that could be a family trip, now becomes an individual trip, with a one-way ticket without knowing the return.

Many are the families that have disintegrated for the simple fact of having to emigrate, this is what many of us face, and we can not control the desperate tears that scream, I love my country, my family and I want to stay here, but life places us in situations in which we must choose, and face with courage, to undertake trips that we do not know how easy or difficult the long road is.


Feeling is beautiful and strong at the same time, and is that you can not understand. Tears have to roll and we should not stop what the feeling expresses through this borrowed body, which manifests to be happy or sad, this is what we are and we must learn to live with it.

Today, there are many communication technologies to always keep in touch with loved ones, but it is not as easy as it seems, only to see yourself at a distance and not find that longed for company, that familiar warmth that you feel when you are with those you love.


There tears reappear, they never seem to dry, we have a river inside, we are flooded with feeling, and that is good, I know.


If you feel like crying, do not stop, I've also been through that, I live it every day with every person I love and I must see go another country in search of a dream, the dream of: not going hungry, of not know if you are going to eat today, if the crime unleashed scares you and you can not defend yourself, living like that is not living.

Now the crying has become my greatest pastime, the nostalgia for the people I miss and the feeling of happiness because I know, where they are, they are much better than here.

Running risks makes you cry, do not try to stop them, tears will not stop.

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the desperate tears that scream, I love my country, my family and I want to stay here..

@cindycam Teardrops sends you a hug, keep the faith, your country will be reborn. Sense poetry and publication very well prepared.

Your tears are not in vain, they will be rewarded. You will be mentioned in our edition # 4 do not miss it.

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I look forward to that great moment in which my country is free and love reigns.
Thank you for reading the publication, and those lines that you leave me there are encouraging.

Wow, beautiful choice of words. Is sure a great post. Thanks


Hello, thank you very much, it is for me, a pleasure to open my heart in this way, which allows me to be who I am.

Have faith in your country and in no time you and your household will have every course to always smile. This poem is magnificent, great work @cindycam.

Take some imaginary teardrops


I hope so, with faith, always trusting, and letting out the tears of love.