Education is Life (My Life's Biggest Regret)

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Regrets is disappointment of something we missed opportunities.

My life's biggest regret is education.
I wasn't able to pursue it due to financial constraints.
If I strived so hard to look for scholarship to sustain upon my studies, I think I would have had fulfilled it. I believe financial deficiency is not a hindrance in aiming your goal to get diplomas but I also believe life depends on how you enable to deal with it. There were many people who succeeded in life without finishing their schools. So, I chose to work, went abroad to help my family instead finding solutions how to support my studies. I have also planned to save money for my education but things changed. My brother asked my help he wanted me to support his studies, so I gave way. I rebuffed my ambition because for me my brother's education is more important. I told myself I do have work, I can support my family and if ever I will have my own family I have my husband to support me and our family and I will just end up being a mother that will take care of the house and our offsprings.
But now, because of the bigger needs of the family financial shortage arise. As a daughter whose been a bread winner before can't afford neglecting their parents who already have health problems. I have been supporting them all through the years even I have my own family. In fact, I am very much thankful I have found this steemit blockchain because I can contribute the needs of my parents that my husband been shouldering for years. I realized if I was able to finish my studies in my age today I still can apply a job. But I am not a degree holder and I don't have skills and besides my age is no longer qualified to apply such blue collar job. So thank you steemit for giving me a chance to earn. You are the answer to the burden which kills me inside.

Although I didn't have my degree, still I am proud of myself for I made my brother accomplished his study and now he is P03.


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