Saying Farewell to My Students & List of Classroom Awards

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It is really a bad idea to invest emotional connection with students because in an instant they will all leave you behind.

Today, is the card distribution day and the last day that I will be spending with my advisory class. It pains me a little because they are leaving me, but it gives me joy because they are moving forward to the next level.

And since this is the last, I wanted to make it more memorable and special. Aside from giving them their report cards and greeting them for a job well done for this school year, I also prepared a classroom recognition.


I made sure I give each of them a certificate of recognition for their efforts, service and awesome attitude shown for this school year. I have 47 students and each of them receives a recognition. Because I believe, that each of my student has something good inside them. All are worthy of recognition.

Let me share to you a glimpse of this simple recognition rites using this simple GIF.


4 Good Things about Giving Recognition to the Students:

  1. THEY WILL FEEL NOTICED. Students especially in the Philippines are in a large population. Some of these students are not recognized and noticed. So, most of them just stay in the corner and let those who shine shine more. By giving them recognition, they will also feel that their actions and efforts are recognized and noticed.

  2. THEY WILL KNOW THEIR WORTH. Many do not recognize themselves. They need approval and affirmations from other people that they are worthy of something. By this project, they will realize that they are worthy of praise and worthy as they really are.

  3. THEY WILL START BEING CONFIDENT. When people are recognized for a good action, they will tend to do and exercise the action more often. This plants confidence in them.

  4. THEY WILL BE HAPPY. The obvious reactions of people being recognized are the sweet smiles and crisp happiness. They will think of it as a good memory and they would look at it with fondness and gratefulness.

List Classroom Awards

If you are a teacher, you may use this list to individualize the awards you give to your students.

  1. Most Dependable Student
  2. Most Improved Student
  3. Most Disciplined Student
  4. Most Responsible Student
  5. Most Well-Behaved
  6. Most Neat and Clean
  7. Class Artist Award
  8. Class Poet Award
  9. Class Science Wizard
  10. Class Mathematics Wizard
  11. Best Speller
  12. Best Reporter
  13. Best Orator
  14. Best in Acting
  15. Best in Singing
  16. Best in Dancing
  17. Best in Playing Musical Instruments
  18. Computer Technology Master
  19. Enthusiastic Learner
  20. Cheerful Learner
  21. Good Friend Award
  22. Good Classmate Award
  23. Peacemaker Award
  24. Big Help Award
  25. Shining Star Award

I will close this school year with so much happiness and gratitude in my heart. Congratulations, 9 Hope!


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Hi dear friend, lovely farewell post about you students. I know that it is hard when you invest emotional connections with others especially children and they have to move on, I know about that being a parent with children that have moved away, but those loving connections that mentoring can make a huge difference in there attitudes in their souls that will stay with them for life. They will never forget you @christianyocte because you’ve been so loving and kind to them, a good friend. I greatly appreciate that you go that extra mile to show kids love. I pray you never stop because it hurts. You are ministering to the young sir , God put you there , he works wonders though you. I pray for all those beautiful children that they will all follow Jesus Christ like we do. You have done beautiful works brother, I admire you very much❣️DEE8AD23-96EC-48E9-B43F-243D5614316F.jpeg


Thank you, @lildebbiecakes... Surely, Ill heed your advice. Teaching is really for me. Here I can do a lot of things... Actually, I sometimes pay for the tuition of my students... Or sometimes give school supplies to them...

I teach in a government highschool and eventually, many cannot afford. But the school payment, fees is actually very little. Its only 500 pesos.. Or 10 USD compared to the goodness and blessings I receive from above.

Be happy always, my lovely friend !


Your welcome @christianyocte, you are sweet❣️


Thank you very much ♥ ♥ ♥

Congratulations for your great work teacher.


Thank you, @teardrops.