Be Gentle ( poem 26, my 30 days poetry Challenge)

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

Speak Gently
Choose gentle words
Be gentle even to harsh people
You teach them to be gentle
If you try to be gentle as well

Act Gently
Have gentle gestures
Being gentle is a sign
of being civil and courteous

Think Gently
Figure out things one at a time
Choose the information you gather
Or else it will crowd your head
Information Overload
Be gentle with the use of your mind

Have a gentle heart
Manage thy emotion
We minimize impulsive traits
if we control our emotion
Thus, fewer mistakes
fewer discouragements on our part

Be Gentle
Have a gentle character
A gentle personality is always remembered
Like Jesus
He converts sinners through the seduction of love
by being firm yet gentle

Lastly, be gentle with yourself
You also deserve to be happy
You also deserved to be loved
When no one affirms you.
have self-encouragement
No one must respect you best but yourself
Be a friend to yourself

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Wow nice message.


thank you friend @acinad