A birthday memory of the late....#teardrops of losing you..

in teardrops •  last year 

Losing a loved one is too hard...remembering all the good memories we have together...but we need to accept the painful mourning .

The painful event keeps on haunting us. You died a tragic death of being electricuted and we felt the pain you had as you fight for your life.

Today is your birthday and worth to remember...

A visit in your tomb...refresh the times shared with you..

It's eleven months since you left...

You are too young to die...but who are we to question God's will...may you have a great journey as you return to God.

Its eleven months since you left...

We never expect that you're name will be engrave in this rock earlier than we thought...

Some love ones lit a candle in your tomb...to remember you on this day...

We left Leo's tomb and pay to visit to #greatkid's paternal grandfather so he may know his ancestor.

A groupie before leaving the cemetery...

So long my dear....


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Photos are all mine

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So tragic but at the same time so beautiful for remembering this young man who died at an early age. I may not know him personally but I can feel the pain as I have lost several "young" friends who died prematurely.

Thoughts and Prayers.

And I'm glad #greatkid got to experience that with his grandfather's tomb

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