TEARDROPS: A new Breakthrough is coming !

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Hey guys ,

So as you all know , my life is so messed up , today was especially hard because one of my family members beacme really sick and was deeply in pain. And it was really hard for me to hear all the cries through Skype and to maintain my feelings and to say good things .

And I also had something else on my mind , which I had been praying about , so I have many many problems .

But have you been in a position whereby you pray and pray , but you don't see any result , which led you to backslide , or to even lose hope ???!

Then this is the post for you my friend.

Because I have actually been through a lot over the past 2 years... Alot more than I could possibly imagine possible for me. And in the beginning my faith was okay , then stuff became really bad and my faith wavered. Without me realising I had then gone far far away from god. I couldn't pray anymore. I felt god didn't care for me .

But I was so so so wrong , but I was too late in realising this . By the time god told me about this...he told me , I was always with you and never left your side. I had already forgiven all your past... I love you my dear child..so very much , that I can't even express it in words. That was the moment I realised , by dad loved me so much . My Abba loves me so much. Then I tried to always go to his home. Because I knew he had told that he had prepared a room especially for me .

Then again , the next obstacles came , but the prince of peace helped me . I'm so very blessed to have a father like theee. I'm so very blessed for everything and everyone in my life.

I pray to Almighty father , Lord bless that one person who is going through alot of stuff at this very moment , may God bless them and heal their wounds. Protect everyone oh father. I pray for tht breakthrough.


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Im teary eyed again, before I could finish reading. Have you seen the movie Life of Pi... I was literally crying while watching that. After a number of years I saw it again last week, And I cried again. Faith restored over and over again! :-)


Hi brother , no I haven't seen it... Thanks brother... I'll also give it a try...one day ..

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Praying for you and your family members..