in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

A grief of Losing someone dear to my heart.

The last time we met you were happy.

You hugged and greeted me.
The illness you felt was not shown in your face.
You just said you’re happy.

90 days passed

The news about you broke me.
You left your only daughter
Alone in this journey.

She is broken more than anyone in the family.

You were her sunshine and her everything,
And so she is to you.
But life is unpredictable as they said.

As you leave this world

May all your pain vanished away.
As you meet the Almighty
May you be joyful living comfortably.

Please leave the world peacefully

As your memories will always be remembered.
Like a wounded eagle you fall
But as you heal you rise up above.

You may be unreachable physically,

But I know you’ll be watching us daily.
I will miss you dearly
But we’ll see each other again surely.

Thank you for everything.


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im so sorry for your loss. :(

May you find comfort and peace in your family's love.

May his soul rest in peace.
Take heart my friend

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