Life of an OFW

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Meet my superman! This is the photo of my son when he was 6 years old.


Those times when we were apart with each other , his dad in KSA and me in Taiwan.
It was the one of the hardest situations i ever had, always missing, longing and wishing
For the hugs, kissess and the joy of togetherness as a family.
I was then a factory worker and my husband a construction worker.

Distance and poverty is one of the biggest barriers there is in life.
I have heard a lot of stories and witnessed reasons
Why working far away is a gumble and sacrifice.
Families get broken, family values deterioration, children at a lost
And accidents.

Thankfully with GOD'S blessing we were in his care when we were apart.

I also recall the days when letters, telegrams, and land line was the mode of communication,
It was the best the world has to offer during those times.

Gladly during that time cellphones were fastly developing accompanied with social media
Giving ease to communication lessening the burden of missing each other and aiding a lot in the preservation of FAMILY.

Thank you for reading my story!

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Little kids are innocent n we compare them with angels. They also have super power inside like your son's.


Thank you @shohana1! Yes it is, he is a sweet boy.. Even sometimes he is hard headed but as a parent we are responsible to mold him to grow a better man. Thank you for dropping by 😄

Beautiful your superman


Thank you so much 😊 @teardrops...


Agree with you 😊 @teardrops

Thanks for sharing


I am glad you read it! Thank you for dropping by 😄

You are brave i appreciate you on your dare so stay blessed and go ahead best wishes for your future.


Thank you 😊

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It is a mindset for us Filipinos to go abroad so that we can give a better future for our love ones here in the Philippines. You take a risk in leaving your family and I admire you on that. We can never be successful if we are not going to take a risk. Just stay safe there and be careful. God bless you and your family. :)

@surpassinggoogle Thanks for resteeming this post. It is an inspirational message to those Filipinos who are away from their family. God bless


Thank you @joveanz! so true, sacrifices and effort is all we need. God bless you too! Hugs

Ayus Oh yeah 😁
Wag kana mag abroad, steemit is here for you 😀


Steemit is real! Cheers 🥂