My Propose Logo for @teardrops of @surpassinggoogle

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Good day steemgigers and steemit friends!

Recently, I’ve noticed several people offering their proposed logo to @teardrops by @surpassinggoogle...So, as one of solid supporter of Sir Terry, I made my own propose logo to show my continous support with him.

So, here’s my proposed logo for @teardrops...Hope you like it... :)


Teardrops SMT

Eyes is the windows to the soul...

People often call eyes the windows to the soul as quoted above. But what exactly do we see when we gaze into the eyes of another person?

In fact, the eyes do provide lots of informations about anothers person’s emotional state.When people are sad, they furrow their brow, which makes the eyes look smaller.When they are saddest they may even cry. Yet when people are cheerful, we correctly call them “bright eyed.”

This goes to the Proof of Tears of @surpassinggoogle..It’s either a proof of tears when your sad or happy..

Anyway, that’s only my point of view..hahaha

Back to my proposed logo, here’s the work in progress of my logo...

First thing I did is sketching...I started with a circle and draw smart media token inside of it..

there it goes...

Then I continue sketching until the image is finally done..

Next I did is tracing the outline..I used unipin 0.5 black and red color...


and were done tracing..

Then for last step I color the outline with colour pencils..

For a while I stop coloring to put text TEARDROPS at the top and Smart Media Token Around the cirle...


there it goes...

Then I continue coloring...

still coloring...

and were done!

<center€Above picture is my propose logo for @teardrops...

Thank you and thanks for passingby...

Please follow me....


And also, please do support @surpassinggoogle, he has been an amazing person. I support him as a witness. I voted for him at
It would be very much appreciated if you do the same by voting him at and then type in "steemgigs" at the first search box.
If you want to give him witness voting decisions on your behalf, visit again and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.


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Buen diseño, gracias por compartirlo y por tu trabajo


Hmm, I dont really know how to speak and understand Italian but anyways, thank you my friend...

We perceive mostly of our impression throught our eyes. Keep it up my friend you have a wonderful art.


Thanks bro... :)

Wow, i love the way you analysed the painting, good job

your painting looks real. I want to try to follow like your picture. good performance @alex04


Thank you that I inspire you with my simple drawing...You can try it too...just believe in your self my friend...:)


Ok brother

That was an awesome painting...nice one dear
Youve got the skill


Thank you for reminding me that I’ve got a skill..

Good write up and nice concept. Im sure @surpasinggoogle would like this.


Really? I hope so ...I want to support him untill the end... ;)

Nice drawing teardrops


Thank you for appreciating my work @teardrops... :)


You make a good a drawing.

wow its really amazing work very good art thanks for sharing.


Oh heart flutters...I think it’s my lucky day today since it’s my birthday..hahaha

Galing naman kabayan! :) sana matoto din akong magdrawing..😊

The colors are so vivid and striking! Good choice.

Wonderful effort. You nailed it bro! @teardrops logo is really eye catching. you have put heart and soul to it. @surpassinggoogle is really a kind soul helping hand to many.

Good job hon!you deserve a vote...cheers...🍷Happy birthday!!!🎉🎈