Team Vietnam Statistics - 2019-05-27

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These are statistics gathered for the following Vietnamese tags: #vn #vietnam #vietnamese #teamvn or #teamvietnam.
Authors displayed in this article have used above tags at least 5 times in the last 90 days, except for the global statistics.

First Steemians using the Vietnamese tags

Global statistics

Number of Steemians who used the Vietnamese tags (no time limit):

  • 2608 Steemians used the tag
  • 841 Steemians used the tag at least 3 times
  • 681 Steemians used the tag at least 4 times
  • 582 Steemians used the tag at least 5 times

Last 90 days statistics

Number of Steemians:

  • 140 Steemians used the tag
  • 40 Steemians used the tag at least 3 times
  • 32 Steemians used the tag at least 4 times
  • 30 Steemians used the tag at least 5 times

Trending posts (by number of comments received) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@freegon한국 아재 "감성 "(베트남생활자)10
2@joythewandererSnapchat Baby Filter Fun8
3@joythewandererNever get tired of Hanoi old quarter7
4@freegon베트남 속 빵빵빵(베트남생활자)6
6@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post6
7@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post6
8@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post6
9@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post6
10@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post6
11@fernwehninjaFernwehninja's Instagram Post6
12@bitrocker2020Huawei EMUI - The intelligent android os5
13@hanggggbeeeeMalaysia – all the way to the Infinite Pool5
14@freegon천국에문 지옥에문(베트남생활자)5
15@freegon너는 치즈굴 나는 생후추 굴 (베트남생활자)5
16@joythewandererLast meal of my Asia trip - 大董 Roasted Duck in Beijing4
17@bitrocker2020Halving is coming4
18@artemislivesA Proven, Documented, Natural, Preventative Treatment for Skin Cancers4
19@joythewandererFOTOPro FY800 tripod review: great affordable travel tripod.4
20@joeyarnoldvnGame of Social Thrones3

Trending posts (by number of time resteemed) in the last 7 days

#AuthorBlog PostCount
1@artemislivesa proven documented natural preventative treatment for skin cancers7
4@joythewanderertriptotamsuiriverfront ulore1xoqn3
6@bitrocker2020gameofthrones itsfinallyended qplhtwc7482
7@happydolphinhk hongkong top pending payout post since 201905232
9@joythewanderercute taiwan transport card2
11@bitrocker2020huawei emu 9 1 the intelligent android os2
12@bitrocker2020ango doorbell wireless smart doorbell for every home2
14@happydolphinindonesia top pending payout post since 201905221
15@happydolphinindonesia top pending payout post since 201905181
16@happydolphinindia top pending payout post since 201905231
17@happydolphinindia top pending payout post since 201905171
18@saltyfishan bhfuil an bo corcra i gcuimhne agus aithint i gconai1
20@happydolphin20190523 or top th thai thailand pending payout post since 201905231

Top 20 Steemians order by engagement on the week of 2019-05-20 00:00:01

1@bitrocker2020189 comments
2@joeyarnoldvn154 comments
3@artemislives132 comments
4@freegon94 comments
5@joythewanderer41 comments
6@truestories9 comments
7@happydolphin8 comments
8@hanggggbeeee5 comments
9@tieulongdl7114 comments
10@fernwehninja3 comments
11@teamvn3 comments
12@wisdomandjustice2 comments
13@son100011 comments
14@fotografia1011 comments
15@calebkim1 comments

Last payout statistics

Top 20 Steemians order by payout (on week 2019-05-20 00:00:01)

#AccountPayout (STU)

My upvote stats

I upvoted the following posts in the last 24 hours

1@rollandthomasWorldstockmarketrelativestrengthanalysisreportforweekstarting52619 j523fjhe0h100%
2@firepowerIndia department of economic affairs refuses to respond to rti on crypto ban policy100%
3@firepowerCredit card fraud attempt100%
4@waybeyondpadthaiThailand s bubble milk tea fever rin rin25%
5@firepowerPaying for flights with cryptocurrency100%
6@mehtaWedding entry gate with pathway decor colorchallenge sunday purple100%
7@a-aliceTasteem 5f35b540%
8@firepowerSnax steem user attention rate100%
9@muratkbesirogluSci fi novel the love algorithm part 21100%
10@gogreenbuddyDaily green give away 265 win a huge upvote100%
11@stackinHow much time do you really spend on the steem blockchain100%
12@dragraffSmartphoto round 35 thank you 9gzm7et3100%
13@news-todayZ more fighter jetz cartoonz100%
14@chronocryptoDouble your weedstake lets pass the joint100%
15@waybeyondpadthaiDangerously addictive salted eggs25%
16@mermaidvampireProofof steem game for everyone in steemit day 165 1558771478633100%
17@mermaidvampireGame result for the guess the color game day 276 by mermaidvampire100%
18@hooiyewlim2fj7pw malaysia 1976 3rd malaysia plan set of 3 proof set100%
19@driptorchpressAfter the bath 2019 4 6 6 7 38100%
20@firepowerWorld s first functional bitcoin watch100%
21@firepowerWill the new indian government continue to reject cryptocurrency100%
22@freedompointTwelve inches of gold100%
24@samesBch had a reorg100%
25@dotwin1981My first snax reward100%
26@firepowerDo you use any anti pollution face mask100%
27@mermaidvampireGuessthe color game day 285 mermaidvampires daily splitter contest 1558711906680100%
28@mehtaIndian wedding decor colorchallenge thursday green part 3100%
29@gogreenbuddyDaily green give away 264 win a huge upvote100%
30@dreemsteemFireflies pupa book 2 entry 6 talia s sun100%
31@dreemsteemAll good meals start with bacon vuorgqdy100%
32@muratkbesirogluSci fi novel the love algorithm part 18100%
33@rollandthomasForexpriceactionbabynotechnicalsorfundamentalstrade16 soldnzdcad52319 72ug476lup100%
34@muhammadadilWe are not always right in our thoughts100%
35@elgekoFreedomex mediapool part i100%
36@florian-glechnerAnimalphotography small bunnies in the city100%
37@abrockmanNebulous series 178 or aj brockman100%
38@quochuyTwo little things you can do to help with steemit development45%
39@muratkbesirogluSci fi novel the love algorithm part 17100%
40@mehtaWedding stage decor colorchallenge yellow wednesday100%
41@mehtaWedding entry gate with gallery decor orange100%
42@caturrox2dbv21 panguipulli100%
43@quochuyWitness earnings weekly report 2019 05 2345%
44@hatuHere are three of the biggest kickstarter scams100%
45@stackinThe bitcoin block reward halving countdown just 365 days away100%
46@muhammadadilWhat will make you gentle man what is the quality of a perfect personality100%
47@c0ff33aActifit c0ff33a 20190522t214319234z100%
48@flemingfarmIsraeli scientists brew beer with revived ancient yeasts100%
49@livvuNtopaz livvu 1611030106 ntopaz 2019 05 22 18 55 47 artwork none25%
50@oendertuerkMovie review the silence 2019100%

Community delegators ordered by SP

1@qurator513.23 SPFri Jun 01 2018
2@nuoctuong305.73 SPTue Jun 19 2018
3@carlpei152.78 SPFri Jun 29 2018
4@quochuy151.63 SPMon Nov 19 2018
5@hanggggbeeee102.10 SPMon May 14 2018
6@a-alice102.03 SPMon May 28 2018
7@nguyenthanh101.69 SPTue Jul 31 2018
8@takosdiary50.96 SPSun Jun 17 2018
9@thanhquyen50.93 SPFri Jun 29 2018
10@adam.tran50.91 SPThu Jul 05 2018
11@ngocbich50.79 SPSun Aug 19 2018
12@lantracy40.77 SPSun Jun 17 2018
13@crypto.hype25.46 SPFri Jun 29 2018
14@steemitguide25.45 SPMon Jul 09 2018
15@lenancie20.38 SPTue Jun 19 2018


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