Proudly South-African: Beyond the Division

If there is ever someone that has a right to complain about my country, it is me! I live in one of the most debt-ridden cities in the country. We have regular power interruptions and Eskom is threatening us with bulk interruptions. We often go weeks on end without flowing water because of mismanagement. We have terrible water and road infrastructure and the city is the most polluted place in South-Africa.

Despite all this, I am proud of my country! I am proud of most of the people! (looking at you parliament) I am proud of our environment! I am proud of the culture! But most of all, I am proud of our food!

I am proudly South-African because I realise that despite the flaws, we live in an incredible place with unlimited potential...

Keep your "Barbeque", It is a Braai to me!

As the world becomes more afraid of Global Warming, the days of cooking over an open fire seem to be disappearing in many European countries. If there is anything that will get people marching in South-Africa, tell us you're taking away our Braai!

It is difficult to explain exactly what a braai is as it goes beyond the method of cooking. At the centre of every Braai is the fire... There have been times when I showed up to a braai only to have the food prepared in the kitchen, but there was fire!

There is companionship and revelry, often after celebrating South-Africa's achievements in sports. When there are no achievements to talk about, a braai is a place of reminiscence and mourning over the tragedy that befalls the country (It is always the referees' fault!)
Startning a Braai.jpg

My brother, @fluffysmurf starting the fire...


Keep your jerky, I like my Biltong.

Paper thin strips of meat that tastes like cardboard and salt? Jerky is certainly a laughable attempt of drying and preserving delicious meat. Biltong is another one of those staples of South-African culture and tastes all the better when made at home after a hunt...


@fluffysmurf doing the fun part...

Thick, tender and delicious! The preparation of the Biltong before hanging is integral to the taste that you want. The spices you use can be a huge variety of things, almost anything that suits your taste, but the coriander seeds are key..


A team effort, but me on the hanging

After spending no less than 24 hours to marinate in the spice (and vinegar mixture), the hanging comes next. Being sure not to let the meat touch, it is left to dry for about 2-3 weeks, depending on taste.

I say again, keep your jerky!


Some of the natural scenery we have (After a bit of a drive)...
A view.jpg

I will keep the animals for a different day...

How could I not be proud?

Looking into the face of politics every day, it becomes very easy to forget about and miss the beauty and opportunity around you. This is just a small taste of what South-Africa has... I am proud of what our country has achieved and what it has available and would wish for everyone to experience some of the joys of South-Africa. Just keep your hands in your pockets in public!

To prove that the ugly mug with the long hair and glasses is me:

All photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy J5

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Yes, lekker braai and if you have ever tasted biltong, then get lost with your jerky which tastes like kak. I have upvoted you.

@dracosalieri, my son, I do not exactly know what to say to you. Ever since you told me about this competition last night, I have been thinking about what I would like to write about. I basically had my story planned out in my head, and then I read your article. Those were exactly my ideas. So, you "stole" my musings - I am frustrated! On the other hand, I am so very, very proud of you. I think it is a brilliant article, and the photos are superb. ... and I am deeply thankful that we instilled a love for our beautiful country in you and @fluffysmurf .


I said I loved to food... There is so much more though. From "Koeksisters" to culture...


Just make sure about the right spelling. I know that in Afrikaans it became koeksisters, but I believe the correct spelling is "koesisters". You know how I love to go to the root of words, but in this case, I simply have no answer. Help me?

Thank you very much for the wonderful entry! Good luck and we look forward to having you around :) Should you know of more Steemians that would like to join please feel free to share the link to our Discord Group:


Thank you very much... I have a few people that I will attempt to invite to the group.

That sure sums us up pretty adequately, now the melktert (milk tart) and other goodies that go with our culture.

Pap en Sous with Wors (Stiff corn porridge and sauce with sausage) have fun, excellent pics and post!


@joanstewart, I am SO following you. You understand the roots of our people. Melktert, and then "melktertjies", some mixture of vodka, conensed milk and cream. THAT is how you end your evening. Right, the "melktertjies" might make you sleepy and going to bed, or it might make you pass out and wondering whatever you did the previous night. No matter, us South Africans know how to party, and we know how to laugh throughout the disasters inside our beloved country.


Thank you for the comment. There is so much about the culture in South-Africa to admire. With the cultural influences in this country, from Indian to African to European. We also cannot forget the brilliance of a "bunny Chow"...


I go into shock without a bunny chow once a week (live down in Durb's) have learned to cook a mean curry as well (Indian friends have taught me well).

One of the highlights was a braai with our African co-workers teaching us their tricks, African men take great pride to get that meat just right. Using chuck, brisket and cheaper cuts, when cooked, start taking off the fire onto a wooden board and cutting small pieces for starters. Only then do they start with club steaks for the plate. with 'pap en sous' and salads.

Wishing you and @minnoloushe a wonderful festive weekend.


I happen to be in Durbs now visiting family... I am struggling to get time online as they have no internet at all. Being able to cook a curry is essential for a South-African. Surprising how popular hot food is...

South Africa 😍