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Like most puppets they are controlled by hands up their arses. They are grotesque, ugly, and violent puppets who have different names and appear to hate each other. They like nothing more than to have squawking arguments and beat each other over the head with bats.

But make no mistake they both have the same puppet masters hands up their arses.

The Punch and Judy show is a long running English tradition (350 years), and like much of the English entertainment industry it is aimed at children and intended to make them grow up as better people.

Many people realise that Punch and Judy are puppets, but puppet shows can also come in many other shapes and colours. Most puppets have smaller noses than Punch and Judy, but they still like to squawk and hit each other over the heads with bats.

If people engage in arguments about who is right, Punch or Judy, are they any different to Punch and Judy themselves? Because just like Punch and Judy they have a hand up their arse controlling what they are doing.

One of the favourite tools of magicians is to trick their audience by distracting them. While the attention of an audience is focused on one thing, they are not looking at the more important thing. And modern puppet shows serve a similar purpose.

Most people who don't seem to realise they are watching a puppet show haven’t noticed that that the very same puppet masters are using American tax payer money to carry out their evil plans.



Distraction is a very useful tool, and when you own a countries entire entertainment industry, along with the entire “news” industry (both "alt" and mainstream), there is quite a bit of scope to create a few distractions.

America has the biggest debt in the history of civilization, but who does America actually “owe” all that money to.




A crew of psychopaths are busy turning America into a divided nation of debt ridden slaves. Sorearse and Chump get along a lot like Punch and Judy, but they are puppets too, and Rotchild's hands are well up both their arses...



punch (1).jpg

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The silence on here will be golden, and why this shit hole is doomed.

Make the USA great again? Like the UK, it never was great

LOL - you are here - you lurker!

Now imagine if this is also all an analogy for Steemit...

Could well be, I still have the burden of upvote bullshit, for another few weeks, then out of this place, and hey bro, I aint looking back, got enough bikes to ride, sunshine, and better to do with my time than this "shit show"

We have an extreme weather warning today, and I'm having a crack at updating my blog, hence more Steemit posts this week.

But hell, you have to admit you are curious - it's like watching a train wreck!

It is indeed, and nope, not curious.

G'Day shepz1 how are you and family going? Poland still treating you well? Enjoy those bikes you have been restoring. Pocketnet going well? Have a great night mate👍

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Superb re family, weather at 30c, so all good there too, pocketnet getting to where it needs to be, everything takes time, though it does require zero investment, unlike here. Hope you are well too.

Yes going well thanks mate 👍

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Yep one big puppet show this world.

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Lol that's the truth.

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