Team Malaysia | Meetup with the 'Ladies of Asia', @livinguktaiwan & @jrvacation (Teaser)

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Courtesy of #teammalaysia

Meeting @livinguktaiwan & @jrvacation

This is a TEASER!! The full write-up will be posted next week as I just got back from an awesome meetup with @livinguktaiwan and @jrvacation. Lovely Steemians and the night was accompanied with really delicious Traditional Asian cuisines and delicacies. Soooo tired now. :D

I had such a wonderful night meeting up with the two members of Ladies of Asia, @livinguktaiwan and @jrvacation. When @elizacheng and I were organizing this meetup, we were afraid that they wouldn't like the choices of the food we picked and the venue. So I hope that they had an enjoyable evening tonight.

Allow me to tease you with some scrumptious food we had just now.



Oh and this is only just a small part of the food we had. I hope it made you hungry enough to go get something to eat now. Muahahha but yea, as this is a teaser, I won't wanna spoil too much for you so do wait for the official full write-up probably on Tuesday.

I'm pretty pooped right now so I'm going to head to bed really soon. It is almost 1AM here for me and I have church tomorrow, I'm gonna call it a night. Till next time!~

Thank You

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Kena bait...


Hahaha paiseh lo, the full write-up will be posted on Tuesday with more photos of lovely people and food

Oh, how fun!! You do get to meet up with some of my favorite people!


Hehe nice! Do you know them?


I follow @livinguktaiwan. The food looks fantastic!

Thanks for organizing a fantastic night out @zord189 and @elizacheng!!


Ur welcome! I really enjoyed getting to know you all

The food, is just so mesmerizing.


Hahaha, so yummy...

I'm starving now lol!


Hahah, it's only two photos :) Come Malaysia!