2020 Tourism Goes Down The Drain Due to COVID19 (PART 1)

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I have always been in tourism to cari makan, after high school, I was in college for a tourism diploma and quite involved with the industry since then. Back in 1999, when I started college, we do not have Facebook or any social media, it was purely fax and emails for correspondence.

I was always fascinated with State and Federal effort in building the tourism industry. I started working as a driver at the age of 21 with a salary of RM350.00 then. Listening to Tour Guides doing guiding and briefing with guest and meeting with people was the greatest thing. It opens my mind and ability to talk with strangers. It was the best 2 years of my life being a driver for a Tour Operator company.


then I had an opportunity to further my studies to the UK with the help of Hainan Association (Due to a loan I took from them), and yes I am Hainanese, or you can say Chinese Kadazan, My dad was a Chinese and my mom is a Kadazan, I speak both father and mother tongue. So off we go to a new chapter of life, in Leeds, UK. it was not a bed of roses, my parents did not give me a monthly allowance and only gave me 200 pounds for a start. I was received by fellow Malaysian from the Uni and brought me to the Dorm that has paid only for 1 month advance from Malaysia.

I immediately started to ask around for work, after 3 days there, with only 100++ pounds left, I found a job as a cleaner, it was blessing in disguise that the fellow Malaysian I bump into is a senior is going back good and gonna leave the work, I took it right away without even asking how much and registering my student work permit first. To work and study at the same time is hard, really super hard, especially you know you got one bullet to shot. However, my life in the UK I could not enjoy much, as I had to work 2 jobs during my first 3 months, and subsequently work 3 types of jobs starting my fourth month. I got bills to pay, my loan in Malaysia, my living expenses, my room rental, Gas, Water and Electricity plus my telephone bills.

Friends ask me why you need to send back money to pay the loan, where you can focus on your studies, work and payback. It is true, but during that time, I did not want to stuck with loans and high interest when I start working. The 3 jobs I did, was fucking crazy I have to say, it rounds up approximately 2200-2400 pounds per month, Malaysia back then was times 7 ', Imagine sending back 500pound to my mom, it was RM3500.00, I told my mom to have RM500.00 for herself with dad, and RM3000.00 to pay my Loan, but she did not listen to what I say, she paid everything to the loan.

With pure LUCK and Hardwork, I manage to PASS my exam and coursework (just fucking barely), I'm not a bright student back then. With 3 jobs I had to work, I barely have the time and energy to study actually, but I am glad I pull it through. You guys are wondering, what the other 2 jobs that I did. Let me give you the LIFE Time table in the UK as below:

5.15 am - Wake Up
5:30 am - Walk to Tesco (10Minutes)
5:45 am - Punch In work as Cleaners (each person 2 sections) - Mainly the Floors (i was in the detergent and shampoo aisle)Dammm and I memorise the prices of the goods on my aisle, because of every fucking day, same aisle, same floor, same area)
8:00 am - Finish Work, walk back home, shower, breakfast
8:40 am - take the bus to my campus
9.30am - Class
11:30 am - Finish Class - Take the bus to City Center
12:00noon - 2nd Job - Store Keeper (10th Storey Office Building) Main Job - Make sure every floors toilet are fully equipped with Toilets Rolls, Hand Soap and Hand Paper Towels.
1 pm - Lunch Break (20min)
2 pm - Off to Campus
2.30pm - Class
4.30 pm - Bus Home and Nap
5.30 pm - Bus to City Center (The Same Office Building as Storekeeper) but this hour as a cleaner
7.30 pm - Back Home, Eat Dinner, Study, Catch Up with Housemates & Families and sleep

Every single day except Saturday and Sunday (the Office Building is Closed)

However, I was a bar back for about 3-4 months in one of those Clubs working on the weekend. Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to 1am. Bar Back roles, clean the shit out of every utensils, glass, plates, everything that needs to go in the washer. This job was tough, but pays damm fuck well plus splitting tips from the BarTender as well.



By the time I graduated I finish paid my Malaysia Loan for my studies in the UK, it was a damn proud achievement for me. I also save a lot during my work, I manage to buy my first Proton Saga Aeroback (Second hand) with RM cash and also downpayment for my first home when I got back.

Seriously I do not know where I am going on this write up: but one thing for sure it one hell of a life in the UK.

To be continued - PART TWO


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