Samalaju Resort: An Oasis In An Industrial Park

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The Samalaju Industrial Park in Bintulu, Sarawak is where heavy industries are located. Companies in this industrial park are involved in energy-intensive heavy industries such as aluminum smelting, silica-based products and marine engineering. The Samalaju Resort Hotel located in a 23 acre site within the Samalaju Industrial Park, Bintulu, is an oasis with its charm and tranquility contrasting starkly with the hustle of the industrial park. To reach this resort, you need to travel by car for 1 hour from Bintulu town.

The room was very comfortable and beautifully decorated.

Decorating my bed is the "Pua Kumbu" which is a textile woven by the women of the Iban community using a tie and dye method.

I just loved this series of paintings that were in my room.

The view from my room overlooking the open gazebo and the sea.

A closer view of the sea. The beach however is quite rocky.

The welcoming entrance of the resort beckons the weary guests.

The resort has a green feel to it and is immaculately landscaped.

This hotel has a total of 175 rooms.

I took this wonderful photo of the chalets during my early morning jog.

The beautiful poolside is an ideal venue to host barbecues and parties.

I did not see any crocodiles but the hotel has a warning sign. This shows that the hotel is located very much in the interior of Sarawak which has been made very accessible now with the expanding road network.

Overall I had a wonderful stay at Samalaju Resort Hotel and will definitely come back again.

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I find peace in such a natural and beautiful place.This resort is amazing and personally, I feel a peace of mind by reading this post.Samalaju Resort is really amazing.I hope one day I visit by place.

My ignorance. I didn't realize this resort exists. I knew about the industrial park (with a lot of foreigners/Chinese workers) but didn't know about the resort.


A lot of people did not know that this place exist. People always thought there are factories there only and did not realize that there is an oasis right in the middle of the industrial park. How are you settling down in KL and I do hope that your health is now much better.

Great pictures friend, it really looks like a great place.


This is a great and beautiful place. To think that it is situated in the middle of an industrial park with all the hustle and bustle of the business and frantic manufacturing activities.

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Thank you so much


It seems you have pinned it in the wrong place, you can just update it in the post with the correct coordinates and it will update on the map!


Thank you for alerting me. I will try to find the correct coordinates and pinned them again.

Woah this is a nice hotel, might be built after my last visit to Bintulu few years back..

Should visit back some days 😆


The hotel is relatively new, maybe only 3-4 years ago. The place is very nice, green and beautiful. It is definitely worth a visit.

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I'm sorry my voting power is this low. I wanted to show you support and thank you for creating this post. I'm sure you enjoy it, with that kind of trip you're definitely doing a great work. Cheers!

Wow, it is so good to have such a beautiful resort in the midst of the industrial park. Thanks for sharing this with us.