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You young people...


This is really way beyond my understanding and knowledge...

But to find ways to be self sustain, my daughter convinced us to adapt, even how slow it is.

And one of them is to look into investing the right things in life - with technology.

After being convinced by @littlenewthings that this blogging business is beyond just earning coins but also building people, I am learning VERY SLOWLY the steps that she has taken the time to sit beside me and teach me how to do it.

But to be honest. I love reading. And reading from your interesting contents is worth the time investment. But after seeing her showing me a whole list of things that I don't even understand. I will settle with one thing that my wife also likes to look at.

Food and beautiful pictures.

So what better to do so with this new place to go - @creativecoin website
(Bear with me. My daughter is trying her very best to explain to me how this works with my feeble hands on the mouse)

my daughter helped me to capture this

So after first try (and my feeble memory she has to sit with me again to write this), we have our first rewards collected.

my daughter helped me to capture this

My daughter has helped me to have a kickstart with some power (she says) to help us able to gather rewards by helping others.

According to her, right now this reward is prominent because of the reverse federal reserve tactic (as she pointed out) where instead you print more money , you burn off access money to keep things valuable.

I am trying to grasp her concept but I do understand the banana republic currency history for WW2 as I was born in that era.

As long as #creativecoin is not abandoning ship, even printing too much it will devalue the "currency"

But right now, she says "powering up" is important so that we can be an independent account to "curate" other people's work later.

Curate. This is a new word that I am not grasping well.

She says, "basically you are supporting other writers and artists."

That, I can understand.

my daughter helped me to capture this

Right now because we are very small and low power, we should support our local talents first; and the 2 "addresses" she pointed out, #teammalaysia and #steemxp are the fastest way to find local contents for the Creative Coin website.

my daughter helped me to capture this

This is a little hard to control but slowly, I can move my mouse to do the bar. My daughter says if I lower to this amount I can support more people once a day; otherwise it will be only picking 10 best posts we think it is nice.

Right now there aren't much, daily. We are picking the soonest to mature posts from writers and artists to support them. But she says make sure we like the pictures and stories they write.

We saw a few like @ackhoo, @thilah , @farizal have very nice pictures. We enjoy @iamjadeline's stories. We wish her son with good health always.

This is becoming interesting way to kill out time when we are not too tired, and my daughter said, this is an investment - investing on people's lives.

She helped me to publish this to this special platform, #steemleo

We cannot promise we are here all the time; but if we do, we will support you.

Malaysia boleh. Happy Merdeka month.


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Cmon... Telephone land-line was once state of the art technology also right? Never too young to learn! Or you can just let your daughter do it that's the easy way 😂😂

Me on the other hand isn't such a good son and I kinda just leave my mom @kadishakho to her own device. She's doing well on steem though! One of the big mamas of #cn-malaysia last I heard 🤭

There's more to this crypto technology if you want to dive into the deep end! @coingecko is one such tech companies that are pioneering the space, they are on steem too!

I highly recommend you follow them for good quality reads. Don't forget to comment on their posts too cos they are generous with the upvotes!

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Ah ha ha. The whole idea is to let them be hands on and kill time so that they know what their kid is dabbling with 😝🙈

Unfortunately my mom is not Chinese Ed. So it is harder for her to read and connect with the mamas.

Your mom is gung-ho 💪🏻

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Your mother is very independent. That is admirable.

Best wishes,
Philip & Rene

You are in good hands on the right track
In time, it will be like driving your car ---- the manual kind hahaha

Welcome to the SteemVerse
If you like reading... this is it :D

This is very new to us. We are struggling to remember the steps too.

Philip & Rene

Almost 2 years in and I am still learning
But I learn from your daughter too so you will progress much faster

The one thing I have learnt is not to stress...just go with the flow
Don't lose your password (that gobbledygook numbers that go on forever)
Only use your posting key and if anything more than that check with your daughter
and enjoy the ride :D

Welcome to the platform Philip!!

Thank you @joelai

Best wishes,
Philip & Rene

My pleasure!

Aww thank you! I'm glad you find my arts nice~

This is such a good start... :)
As you may have guessed, I'm reading posts backwards, from latest to older ones...

Thank you for your kind words... And as mentioned previously, I think it is admirable both you and Rene have joined us here! Cheers, and all the best!! :)